How to create a OnlyFans Free Trial Link

Use a Free Trial link to gain subscribers easily, your best marketing tool without doubt!

How to create a OnlyFans Free Trial Link

One of the best ways to promote your OnlyFans is to give your followers the opportunity to see what they are going to find on your account. Because there will be followers who want a lot of content, others interact with you, and others simply have to see if they like you in general.

So ... what better way than to give them the chance to see you in action and win them over with your charms? Introducing the MOST POWERFUL marketing tool: the OnlyFans Free Trial Link gives users the opportunity to sign up for free to your account, or in other words, it gives you the ability to receive leads directly to your account!

A Free Trial link gives users the opportunity to subscribe to your account and view your content without paying, when they access your account thru that link (hence, the name Free Trial link or FTL). Or you could consider that a Free Trial link is a OnlyFans free subscription!

However, it doesn't last forever, you must set the duration and the amount of redemptions you want. One thing you should know is that the same link can't be redeemed more than once per user, so a fan can't use it multiple times! In Hubite we work with dozens of agencies and hundreds of Creators, and we are powered by data. We can tell you that this is the most successful strategy to grow your account faster and find good paying followers.

To create a Free Trial link, go to your profile and choose the Promotions tab.

Create free trial link onlyfans

Next, under Promotional Campaigns you'll see a text that says Free Trial Links. Click on the arrow to display the content and click the Create New Free Trial link button

give free trial on Onlyfans

When you click the button, a new menu will open to choose the options of the Free Trial link. You can choose the options you want, but we recommend configuring it as follows:

  • Offer limit: It's the number of people who will be able to claim this link before it expires. We recommend leaving it with No limits, because if at any time you feel that too many people are using it, you can simply delete this link and it will stop working.
  • Expiration: It is the time that this link can be claimed. Like the previous point, we recommend that you set it without expiration, since it's a way to continually get new subscribers.
  • Free trial duration: This point is much more personal. There are Content Creators who decide to give a month, others a week, others just a day ... It will depend on many factors. The ideal is to find the balance, or we can use marketing and psychology tricks to our advantage! Fans love to interact with Creators. If you give them enough time to get to know you and get used to your charms, once the trial is up...what do you think he'll do? That's right, he will subscribe! So set your FTL up to a month and test this strategy (and make sure you send them enough PPV content to make it worth it, but without spamming)
free trial options on onlyfans

Remember that this is a very powerful marketing tool, possibly the one that gives the best results. There are two very difficult things in the world of content creation platforms. The first is to get users to discover your account, since there are more than 2 million Content Creators. And the second is that if your account has interested them and they have used the link, you have some time to gain their attention so they subscribe to your account. It is very hard work, but fruitful.

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How to add the OnlyFans Free Trial to your profile

Once you have created the Trial link for your profile, ideally you should make it easy for users to find it. The fastest way is to add it directly to Hubite. To do this, copy the link that you have created and add it to the OnlyFans Free Trial links page.

Click the Submit trial link button and paste the full link of your trial. Hubite will do the rest of the work for you, and will attach it in a few minutes directly to your profile. From this moment on, when a user visits your profile, they will find a button indicating that you have an active Free Trial, and they can subscribe directly. Use this opportunity to send them messages and get their attention!!

Once you've added the link, that's the ideal time to promote your OnlyFans. By doing this, you ensure that dozens of fans subscribe to your account.. Then you will have to conquer them so that they activate the rebilling and buy paid content from you. It is an arduous task, but the return is very high!

So remember, if you're wondering if you can give OnlyFans free access... the answer is yes, with a free trial link!

And if you don't want to deal with these things, you can always hire a OnlyFans Agency or Assistant and they will take care of everything!