Cosplay Basics [Free E-Book]

Cosplay Basics

Cosplay category is one of the most cherished categories out there, and we wanted to give it special attention because we know many of you belong to that huge community.

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to monetizing your Cosplay that we couldn’t just deliver a guide or an infographic. We created a whole E-Book for you!

Covering every important point to answer the question: How do you earn money cosplaying?  

⚠ SPOILER ALERT ⚠: it’s not only by getting ridiculously famous!
What you will find in: "How to earn money as a Cosplayer?"

  • We show you all the businesses that will bring you profit in Cosplay:
    If you felt discouraged thinking that monetizing Cosplays only meant you needed to be a popular and charismatic personality, think twice! We go into detail on all of the different paths a cosplayer can take to earn a living.
  • The basics on how to start Cosplaying: We give a step back and take you to the beginning. Learn what it even means to be a Cosplayer. There’s even a FAQ with plenty of information that will clarify the topic for you.
  • Cosplay + Adult content = HUGE Success!: If you want to implement this formula in your life, there’s a whole section for you in our e-book! Cosplay is such a great way to stand out in OnlyFans and camming that we teach you how to take advantage of it.
  • What to do and where you need to be to start making money: In this digital era is way easier to sell your products and services, so of course, we added some ways to start marketing your cosplay business to let the world find you!

And there is so much more to it! We are not joking when we say this is a complete guide on how to make a living on Cosplay, and there are so many options available that we are sure you will find the one that best suits you here!

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