How to create an account on OnlyFans without publishing a real name?

How to create an account on OnlyFans without publishing a real name

On OnlyFans, numerous adult performers feel perfectly fine sharing their real names with their followers. However, many performers want to maintain their privacy. For such performers and Content Creators, OnlyFans anonymous accounts are ideal.

In this article, we'll take you through all the information you need to maintain anonymity on the platform. So, read on.

Onlyfans anonymous accounts

Staying anonymous on OnlyFans

In this section, you'll learn all the top tips to keep yourself anonymous on OnlyFans.

  • Don't feel obligated to show your face: Showing your face isn't a necessity on OnlyFans. Many Content Creators have enjoyed success on their platform without showing their faces to their respective audiences, and you can as well.
  • Use a stage name: After setting up your OnlyFans account, decide on a stage name and stick to it for everything you do on OnlyFans. So, get creative and pick a stage name that reflects your personality and content.
  • Use your real name when providing documents to OnlyFans: You only need to use your real name when you provide documents to OnlyFans for verification. At this stage, all your details should be in order. Any missing or wrong information may lead to problems in the verification process.
  • Maintain your anonymous ID on social media: Your stage name on OnlyFans shouldn't only be restricted to OnlyFans. You should use it across all your other social media handles as well. This way, you can maintain your anonymity irrespective of which social media platform you're active on.
    Also remember the importance to define your online identity as a Content Creator.
  • Don't reveal your actual location: Some fans may want to get too close and ask you for your actual address. In such scenarios, refrain from sharing your address or location with them. It may jeopardize your safety.
OnlyFans account without real name
  • Enjoy yourself: Last but not least, have fun on your OnlyFans journey.
    If you're too stressed about anonymity and privacy, you'll ruin the OnlyFans experience for yourself. Instead, focus on creating killer content your audience won't mind paying for.

Pros and cons of being an anonymous Creator on OnlyFans

There aren't any cons of being an anonymous creator on OnlyFans, and the pros are the same as those of public Creators. As long as your content is worth watching, you'll make money irrespective of whether you're showing your face.

Can you still make money without showing your face?

The simple answer to this question is YES - you can make money without showing your face to your OnlyFans audience. Some anonymous Creators on the platform earn more than public Creators.

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  • When should you use your real name on OnlyFans?

Your real name is important when submitting your information to OnlyFans for verification. Not submitting your real name at this point may lead to your verification request being rejected.

  • What price should you charge for OnlyFans content?

You can charge any amount between $4.99 - $49.99 as your monthly subscription rate. We recommend starting with a low subscription rate and raising it as you gain more followers.

  • Can you sell feet pics on OnlyFans?

Feet pics are incredibly popular on OnlyFans, and many creators on the platform make up to $100 daily selling pictures of their feet. The secret to doing well selling your feet pics on OnlyFans is to build an audience that values feet pics over every other type of OnlyFans content.

  • How much do OnlyFans creators make without showing their face?

The answer to this question isn't a simple one. It depends on factors like how many users are following you, how much exclusive content (paid content) you have to offer, your subscription rate, and additional features such as tips and paid private messages.

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