How to delete OnlyFans account in 3 steps

How to delete OnlyFans account in 3 easy steps without leaving a trace!

How to delete OnlyFans account in 3 steps

Similar to other Social Media, this platform allows you to become a user and unsubscribe with the same ease. If after opening an account you have decided that this is not for you, you can close it in less than a minute without giving an explanation to anybody.

The platform doesn’t always meet the expectations that a user has and like any social network, it gives you the possibility to delete your account, however, this alternative is final and you will not be able to recover it once it is deleted.

Whatever the reason for which you want to unsubscribe from the application, you can do it in a few steps and without any effort. Let’s see how to delete an Onlyfans account.

How do I delete my OnlyFans account?

If you want to permanently delete your OnlyFans account, you will have to access the website, click on your profile and choose Settings from the menu.

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Choose from the drop-down menu Account, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Delete Account.

Delete OnlyFans profile

In the new screen that will appear, you will have to write the verification code that shows you. If you can't figure it out, you can always hit "Reload the code" and it will show you another alphanumeric sequence. Write it in the box enabled for it and click Delete Account. Remember, if you delete your OnlyFans account, you can't restore it.

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You must make sure that you do not have active subscriptions in the account, because once you press the Delete Account button they will be lost, since they are only available if the user keeps their account open.

Also, they will not refund you money if you have active subscriptions. Imagine that you just renewed an account subscription and still have 28 days to enjoy it before the next renewal. If you delete your account, you lose access immediately and they will not return the proportional part that you have not enjoyed.

Make sure you don't need anything else before closing your account!

How to cancel a subscription

The user has at his disposal the option to cancel his subscription to a specific account, if that is what he wants. Many times the Content Creator doesn't meet the standard required by the user and it is better to cancel that particular subscription, because you are not going to spend any more money on buying content.

If you cancel a subscription, you will also be able to access the user's profile until you reach the date on which the payment made for its content ends, since in no case does the platform return money. Once the request and confirmation of the cancellation have been made, the charge for said subscription will not be billed again the following month.

To cancel the subscription to an account, you just have to access your user profile and choose Fans at the top. You will find a list of all the accounts you follow. You just have to choose the account you want to stop following and click on the Subscribed button.

You will then see a menu for you to choose the reason why you want to stop following the account, and once you have done so, your subscription with this Content Creator will no longer be renewed.

And this is it! This is the fastest way of closing your OnlyFans account or canceling a subscription you no longer want to keep. If you want to have access again, you will need to register an account on OnlyFans.