How To Make OnlyFans your Part Time Job

How To Make OnlyFans your Part Time Job

This is being said by OnlyFans Content Creators all over: “To run an OnlyFans smoothly is very time-consuming!” And indeed it is! Creating quality content can take plenty of your time alone, but if you think about interacting, engaging, and promoting, you will end up over-saturated if you don’t have a plan. In addition, if you already have a job, it will get you burned out and leave it in no time.

Luckily, plenty of strategies and techniques followed by people in many different sectors will help you manage your responsibilities and succeed with your goals. All by making sure you are not damaging your physical and mental health.

You might think that active people in OnlyFans and Social Media generally take it as a full-time job. But the reality is that many just use their accounts as a side hustle while still developing other projects or studying their careers. What helps them to have still huge communities stick to them is to follow this basic golden rule:

Plan your content ahead

We cannot stress enough how different it will be for you to the quality of your content if you take this step seriously and make it part of your routine. We assure you that the whole thinking process and effort you put into figuring out what to create and share takes most of the time you have to do all your activities in OnlyFans. And it is not only time-consuming but also mentally exhausting.

Inspiration is not something we might have every day, especially if we are feeling tired from another job or even just overall with less energy. You will only get frustrated if you start your day with a blank page.

Instead, set a day to write down and schedule all of your ideas for the week or even the month. If you set aside this space in your planner, you will focus more on brainstorming what you want to create and even get inspiration from other sources. In the end, you will have a whole plan ready for you just to execute and get to the second most time-consuming activity.

Content creation with little time

Thinking about what to create might be hard on its own, but putting your plans into action, especially if you want them to be high quality, is just as hard when you don’t have that much time. So, the key to creating meaningful content without breaking a sweat is to set time in your schedule to create content as well.

Just as you did planning your content, preparing a specific day for content creation will arm you with a bunch of content ready to publish when you desire. Setting your camera, the lightning, your outfits, or anything involved in your plan will be easier once you’ve done the previous step. Meaning that even if you are preparing the content for a whole month, it will go much smoother.

In addition, getting ready takes time on its own, so if you have the cameras set and lightning ready for a home photo shoot, it will be easier to do more than preparing everything every day you want to post something.

With these two changes in your Content Creation routine, you will remove the planning and content creation from your daily tasks, and you can move to the most crucial part: engaging and interacting. Let this be your only daily routine, and you will see how you will feel less tired and stressed, much more motivated and how your accounts will start to grow as you build a strong community.