How to Set a Tipping Menu?

How to Set a Tipping Menu

You might find it hard to believe, but tips are usually an even more lucrative way to earn money in OnlyFans than subscriptions. Customers can use tips to show appreciation for your work and you. Still, you can use the tips system to your advantage in a much more organized way that will undoubtedly attract your followers to acquire more of your services.

At the end of the day, you would find yourself focused on creating custom content or attending requests than getting the most subscribers since it has the potential to be more rewarding. The best method to do this is to create your own Tipping Menu, you probably have seen it around, and in this article, we will teach you how to create your own and what type of services you could add.

How to set your tipping menu.

The idea of creating a tip menu is that your subscribers will have to tip you a specific amount to get one or more of the services you provide. To make the menu, you don’t have to do anything special. You could just create a post where all of the options and their prices are detailed, or you could go the extra mile and go to (an online free tool with tons of templates to create many different graphic designs), use the menu template that you prefer and end up with a charming image that you can share with you followers.

A quick google search will lead you to many pictures made by OnlyFans Content Creators with their tipping menus, you can see many examples of the services others provide so you can grab many ideas from them and see how much they. However, we developed a price calculator for Content Creators that will help you greatly to figure out the average price of many services, just remember that you can set your own prices according to your standards, the amount of time and effort a certain type of request can take you can so on.  

The types of services you could add

Regarding what you could include in the Menu, that will entirely depend on you and the things you would like to do or feel comfortable with. Here we enlisted some options for you to inspire a bit and guide yourself. You can also research more about your niche and what things could add to that specific category.

-Custom pictures:

-Custom videos

-Voice calls

-Video calls

-Dick ratings

-Girlfriend experience

-Birthday Specials

With those ideas in mind, there are a few things to note:

  1. You can create more than one menu. For example, within the girlfriend experience, you might want to add different benefits depending on the amount they tip.
  2. You can also set different prices within the same categories. The number of custom pictures they want or the details could change the original price. Also, if they're going to include any fetish and so on.
  3. For Videos and calls, you can also set prices according to their desired length. Same as with pictures, depending on what they want you to say or do in the video could vary its price.
  4. Don’t feel forced to do anything that you don’t want to. If you have specific limits or boundaries within the content you are willing to create, make that clear in the menu to avoid awkward situations for you and your customers.

The important part is that everything is well specified, So people know what to expect for the tip they are giving, and you will make sure of what you will deliver. Avoiding those uncomfortable situations is key to maintaining your followers and ensuring they are satisfied and keep purchasing from you.