Starting Fansly Ultimate Guide

Starting Fansly Ultimate Guide

Similar to the widespread OnlyFans that we usually refer to in Hubite, Fansly is a subscription-based platform that allows Content Creators to share their work and monetize it to have the opportunity to earn a living from it.

It is trendy among Adult Content Creators because it allows explicit content, supports Content Creators, and even allows more fetish content than OnlyFans.

In addition, OnlyFans stopped providing services to Russia, leaving a huge community unattended that migrated to Fansly.

Besides that, Fansly has remarked firmly that they will always support Adult Content Creators, and you will notice the difference in their policies in content compared to OnlyFans.

Fansly OnlyFans

Fansly has different features that make your experience different from OnlyFans, keep reading this article to understand them better and learn to use them to your advantage.

How does Fansly Work?

Fansly allows its users to find people they connect with and provide the content they want. Content Creators can share their work and monetize it if they desire through subscriptions and Pay Per View content.

Subscriptions work a bit differently in Fansly. You have the option to create a tier system where you can select the content you want to offer per tier.

Your fans can choose the highest level to see the most of you, or newcomers can choose the lowest one to get to know you more and later decide if they would like an upgrade.

Fansly OnlyFans 2

This specific point also separates OnlyFans from Fansly since you can follow an account without subscribing to it. This has made it easier for Content Creators to find followers.

Besides that, you can look for Creators in Fansly, making promotions and discovering new subscribers much more effortless.

When it comes to usability, Fansly is very intuitive and beginner friendly.

They offer a geo-blocking system which is a must for many Content Creators, and within their terms, you can easily understand what is allowed and what is not on the platform.

Luckily for many Adult Content Creators and SW in general, Fansly allows much more fetish content than OnlyFans, so if you have a specific niche or have faced warnings in OnlyFans, Fansly will be an excellent place for you.

With all this information, you are only left with setting up your account. We have developed a Beginner's Guide to Fansly: How to get started and getting it approved.

Fansly Features?

As we mentioned previously, Fansly has some new features over the table that are sure to impact positively on Content Creators. Among these cool options, you will find:

  • A referral program for fans: This is very interesting for users because they can get a discount if someone subscribed with their referral link!

There is also the option to refer to Content Creator, but to be able to do so with fans is an entirely new concept for this type of platform.

  • Discover new accounts: We can’t stress this enough. This is a crucial point for Fansly since many users might go to the page without looking for someone specific.

The search feature allows them to browse through the page and find a Content Creator that grabs their attention to follow or subscribe to them.

  • More options to pay: A huge plus for fans, users are allowed to pay via PayPal, Amazon, Google Wallet, and Apple, which is a lovely opportunity for people that don’t want to use their credit cards and give their information.
  • The verification system is easier: OnlyFans is particularly difficult to get verified. You might have faced this yourself. We have an article about How to Verify your OnlyFans Account as a Creator.

In the case of Fansly, Content Creators have pointed out that they have not encountered as many problems or even longer delays.

  • Tiered subscription system: This is useful for Content Creators and users since the most hardcore fans will be able to pay pricier subscriptions for exclusive content and interaction with the Creator.

But, if you are only getting to know a Content Creator and don’t feel ready to purchase everything, you can choose the cheaper option and have a taste of what the Creator is about.

All of this added to their transparency and support for the Adult Content Creators, making it a very powerful platform, but it does have some downsides to it as well.

The most important one is that it’s relatively new, so not many users are roaming through their pages yet, although it is expected to keep growing.

How to earn money in Fansly?

Fansly has more than one method that you can use to get paid on the platform. You can offer many services, and Fansly features help you to monetize them in different ways.

Firstly, you can set up a paid account. This is the most straightforward strategy that you can implement to earn money in Fansly. Much like OnlyFans, you simply decide on a subscription fee that people would have to pay monthly to access your exclusive content.  

Fansly will allow you to create bundles and give discounts to help you advertise your account as well.  

Then you have the option to create paid posts. When using this method, you will send posts that will be locked until a certain subscriber or follower purchases the content.

You can do this on your feed or via Direct Message. It is more common to use Pay Per View posts on free accounts, but this is a great way to give more to the people willing to pay for it.

And lastly, you can receive tips. As simple as that, fans have the option to give you something extra if they desire. But a lot of Creators create Tipping Menus that help them earn more.

These Tipping Menus include a list of services with set prices that you can send your Fansly followers for them to purchase through tips.

If you would like some help in setting your own prices, you can use our OnlyFans Price Calculator tool. With very few clicks, this calculator will give you an estimated price of what a certain photo, video, or other service usually costs.

It is a great way to have a quick idea of how much people usually ask for their content and decide with your own criteria how much you should charge for it.

Want to know other alternatives to Fansly?

We recommend you to read this article with a Comparison of Fees between Content Creation Platforms.