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Check out this amazing interview with one of the Best Content Creators: Sweetsary23


This time we bring you something different. Every day we talk to a lot of OnlyFans Content Creators, and they tell us what their biggest difficulties are when starting an account, their goals, how they got their first followers...

And since we find it so interesting, we have decided to conduct some interviews with some of them so that those of you who are thinking of opening an account can solve some of the most common questions.

Let's start with the interview to Sweetsary23:

Hi Sara! Thank you for dedicating this time to us and answering our questions. We would like to start with the basics. What is your job?

Thank you! Well look, I'm a nursing assistant. I have been working in a hospital for 4 and a half years, and I love my job, it makes me happy!

When did you decide to open an OF account?

Well, a friend had an account on OnlyFans since February, and so far I only had seen influencers on Instagram, I did not know that any girl could create an account and earn money with it.

My friend was doing very well and I really wanted to try it, but I was skeptical about "what will they say" if my friends, family and acquaintances found out.

A few months later, I thought about it again, and I wondered what it would be like to open an account and what I would have to do to have visibility and for people to subscribe. The only active social media I have is my personal Instagram account, so I had to post it there if I wanted people to access my OnlyFans.

I thought about it a bit, and decided to open a OnlyFans account and advertise myself on my own Instagram, that way, everyone would know that I had an account and they would know it from me, without hiding anything from anyone, and without worrying about what say people. I think it's the best I could do.

How did you get your first subscriber?

When I opened the account in early October, it took several days for it to be active. I didn't know how it worked, it was totally new to me, and I had to tinker a bit to learn how to use the web.

I uploaded a couple of photos in case someone decided to subscribe, that there was at least some content, but I haven't advertised my account anywhere yet.

After a few days, I already had several photos and videos uploaded, so I started posting some censored photos on my Instagram stories, indicating that if they wanted to see that kind of uncensored content, they would need to subscribe to my OF. And so it was, the first subscriber appeared and I was very excited.

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And the next 10 subscribers?

People subscribed over the course of a week or so because they saw my stories, but they were not many because I had so few followers on Instagram.

I joined a WhatsApp group where there were 130 people with OF to do SFS (Spam for Spam) through OnlyFans and Instagram, and in that way gain more visibility, and when I started exchanging promos with other girls more people subscribed to my account.

When did you realize that you could make a living from this?

Well, at the moment I don't think I can make a living from this. Rather I see it as an extra. A very juicy extra, hehehe.

I have my job and in my free time I create content for Only, I talk with my subscribers, I interact with everyone who asks me for information, I try to gain visibility through social media...

I have only been in this for a month and I have very little visibility, so I do not consider that I can live from my account yet, and I do not think I want to do it, because yes, I can do very well for a long time, and grow and grow and earn a lot of money ... but maybe one day I will not be physically acceptable to continue creating this type of content, or I stop feeling comfortable with it, or the demand just drops and I stop making money ...

So my idea is to keep working, and to continue dedicating part of my free time to this with the intention of growing, but not dedicating my life to it.

It is very important to get exposure to gain followers. What was your marketing strategy? What worked best to promote yourself?

Wooops, I answered this earlier, hehehe. As I said, my only active social network was my personal Instagram account, which had only about 800 followers. I created a Twitter account exclusively for this, and I joined a WhatsApp group to make promos with other girls, and at the moment those are options I have tried the most to promote myself.

I also paid for a promo on a very large Instagram account (with almost a million followers) but it was not effective ... They uploaded a photo of me in their stories with the message "She has OnlyFans, and if you follow her, she will send you a gift". I got 2,000 followers in 24 hours,but after 48 hours about 800 stopped following me once I sent them the gift (a video without censorship of a few seconds), and only 10 people subscribed to my profile...

So right now what I do most is SFS with other girls.

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When I discovered Hubite it seemed like a very good idea to promote my acccount, because there really is no way of promoting yourself easily. You have to talk to a lot of people, pay people you don't know, and all without being sure if it will work or you will be ripped off. Here at least I have the feeling that no one is going to run away with my money! And I admit that I have promoted myself a couple of times and it has gone really well hehehe.

How has your life changed since you started OnlyFans?

Actually, my life is practically the same, only that I spend more time on my mobile, doing SFS, attending my social networks, answering messages (yes, I answer everyone even on Instagram, you never know who can be a future subscriber and you have to be attentive to people, hahaha), offer content on OF and of course dedicate time to the creation of that content.

Now I have to take advantage of the opportunities to create content with other people as well, so lately my sex life includes being able to record something or take photos, lol.

Also for some time the people closest to me have been asking me about the subject and I have been telling them a little about how it works and everything ... I am truly delighted to talk about the subject and answer questions and curiosities, because that way I also normalize the topic.

What advice would you give to new content creators?

Use my referral link !! HAHAHA, I'm kidding ... (or not? :P). Nah, really, if it's something that catches your attention and you like it, go for it !! Of course, they have to be sure and that it does not pose a problem when people who know find their account on OF, because there are people who are very affected by this and have a hard time...

And if they create an account, I recommend that they interact with other people who also have Only, because it is a great help to get started, to make themselves known, to collaborate with other people, receive advice, etc ...

There are many people willing to help and advise other people and that is wonderful, because, although we can be competitors for each other, we focus on helping each other grow ... I am so happy! Also, it's super important to read a guide for new Content Creators, it will prevent so many errors!

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Is there a personal story you would like to share?

Well, I did not imagine what kind of people could subscribe and what treatment I would receive from those people, because of course, my mission is to create quality content, whoever the consumers of that content are, as well as meet their needs, doubts, suggestions ... And I didn't know if these people would be nice to me and if it was going to cost me a lot to deal with them.

For my surprise, all the people who have subscribed are charming, kind, respectful ... I am delighted with this experience!

They do nothing but flatter me, say precious things to me, raise my self-esteem, comment on my posts, making it clear how much they like what I upload ... When they buy Premium content from me, I only get good opinions, that is .. They are paying for something that I have created, they are enjoying it and they are also congratulating me on it ... It's great !!! I did not expect this to be the case, and it is very rewarding.

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And what are your plans for the future?

I don't usually think about the long-term future. In the short term, I will continue as I am now, with my work and dedicating time to OF. I hope to gain more visibility and grow a little more on the platform, since obviously when you generate profits and you know that you can generate more, you're always looking for ways to improve, so ... Let's see how far I can go!

Thank you very much for your honest answers, Sara! We can tell that you love what you do and I'm sure that by being so attentive to your fans, you will get a lot of followers in a very short time. We wish you the best luck!!!

If you want to know more about Sara, check her profile so you can see all the information and social media of Sweetsary23.