Make Your OnlyFans Content Sound As Good As It Looks

Make Your OnlyFans Content Sound As Good As It Looks

Content Creators are always on the lookout for ways to better their content. They want to know all the latest methods to shoot a video, how to better showcase their content on the screen, and how to use certain graphics.

Even things like brand-new lighting techniques figure high up on their things-to-learn-about list. But there is one thing a lot of content creators simply overlook - Sound. From Hubite, we want to help you out with this. No previous experience is needed. Just keep reading!

Why include sound in my OnlyFans content?

Sound plays an essential role in the world of videos. A melodic soundtrack, a pretty melody, a bombastic background score - these things engage the audience. They uplift any piece of video they are associated with. Sound is more than some instruments playing in the background to a beat.

Sound is what extracts an emotional reaction out of the viewer, which nudges them to "feel the feels". From big-budget films to the OnlyFans account you have started in your bedroom, the sound is the lifeline of all things video.

For context, think of all the jingles you remember from your childhood. Most of them were from advertisements for different products. Even though you probably don't remember what happened in the ad or even what it was about, you can still hum the jingle after all these years.

That is the power of sound. It only makes logical sense to include great sound in all your content, including for your content on OnlyFans. Even if you keep aside all the great things, that good sound does for your video, making sure you have sound in your video makes it easier to engage with.

Sound also gives video content more legitimacy. People are bound to spend a lot more time on videos with an audio track capable of reeling them in and visuals that make them stay.

In a nutshell, the sound is essential, and it is never a wise decision to overlook sound, thinking that OnlyFans is a video medium.

How to create OnlyFans content that sounds good?

Now that we know why sound makes a difference for OnlyFans videos let us get to the how. How can you create OnlyFans content that sounds good? Here are some essential tips and tricks you can start with.

1) Fix your bad audio

Bad Audio is the single worst thing that can happen with your video. It is something that will at first confuse your viewers and then will permanently put them off. We all know what lousy audio sounds like. It is when the speaker is unclear, or there is too much static.

You know that annoying thing when audio and visuals don't align? That also falls under the bad audio category. Learn some neat tips and tricks to ensure the audio for your content is clear as day. You can find loads and loads of tutorials on how to fix bad audio on YouTube.

2) Control Your Recording Environment

A sure-shot way to ensure that the audio on your OnlyFans video is crystal clear is to control the environment you record in. You will need to ensure ambient noise is very low and doesn't overpower the audio. Try to record during those times of the day when surrounding noise is lowest around you.

Many people use heavy blankets to cover the place you are recording, as blankets can absorb much excess noise from outside. Simple things such as turning off the fan or AC when recording can also make a lot of difference.

3) Invest in good recording gear

Be in it to win it! Once you have decided on creating content on OnlyFans, buying sturdy recording gear would be a good investment. If your content involves a lot of speaking from your end, you could invest in a broadcast-level mic.

Pop filters are also helpful while recording and ensure clear and clean audio. Just do your research before that shopping spree and set a budget. It is very easy to overdo it and buy impractical and expensive items. So be mindful of your budget and also the long-term usability of equipment.

4) Learn the basics

Spending some time learning about the basics of audio recording is always worthwhile. This can not only help elevate the audio of your videos, but it is also a great new skill to pick up.

5) Mic testing 1,2,3

Practice makes perfect. If you are struggling with getting the audio right, try testing out recording at different times of the day. You could also try other mics to check what works best for you.

Make a few test recordings and make the time to play them back to yourself. Honestly, analyze what is and what isn't working for you and course-correct accordingly.

Tricks to create OnlyFans content that sounds good

1) Record at different times of the day

This tip can help you figure out when ambient sound is the lowest. Once you know the quietest part of the day, try recording your content during those hours. While it may be an adjustment to your routine, recording during a relatively quiet time can help you save a lot of editing time later.

For example, say you live in a busy building or a busy neighborhood. Maybe the best time for you to record your content is in the afternoon when people have left for work, and those at home have wrapped up their morning chores. Of course, the timings can vary from area to area, building to building. Take the time to figure out what works for you.

2) Handheld Mics, Mic Tips, Clip-On/Lavalier Mics

There are a lot of options when it comes to the type of mics. Handheld to clip-on, all serve different purposes and are appropriate in different situations. Try out a few mics to understand what works best for the kind of content you plan on recording.

Also, ensure you are comfortable using the kind of mic you have zeroed in on. Every expert in the world may be recording using a particular type of mic for your line of work. But, it will never work if you are not comfortable with it.

3) Create a makeshift studio for yourself

If you think you are in it for the long run, creating a makeshift studio for yourself may make sense. You can set it up in any quiet corner of the house, garage, or basement. It will help you become more organized since it can become your "studio."

Now that has a professional ring to it, doesn't it? For many people, a dedicated recording space also helps with their creative output. It also creates a separation between your place of work and your place of leisure and can positively impact your mental health.

Original or audio bank sounds?

A significant question is plaguing Content Creators looking to incorporate sounds in their OnlyFans content. Should you try and use original sounds, or should you get what you need from audio banks and sound libraries?

The main factor to be considered here is the type of content at hand. Is the content such that natural sounds work better? For example, for videos shot outside in nature, if the environment is silent and all you can hear are quaint jungle sounds, perhaps the original sound will work better.

If your content is such that flourishing music will help create more impact, maybe look for something in an audio bank or sound library.

Clarifying what your content is all about and understanding what works better for you is very important. In fact, feedback from your subscribers can be a guiding light when it comes to an understanding of what kind of audio is right for you and your audience.

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