OnlyFans vs AVN Stars

AVN Stars ceased activity, but you can still find the information about this platform here

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In recent years, several platforms have emerged for adult performers where they can share their content directly with their fans. The best thing about these platforms is that they allow performers to monetize their content. While OnlyFans is arguably the biggest of all these platforms, there are some others that are giving OnlyFans stiff competition - one of those platforms is AVN Stars.

Numerous features offered by AVN Stars and OnlyFans are similar. However, there are some key differences as well. If you happen to be an adult performer who wants to get started on AVN Stars, you're at the right place. In this post, we'll tell you all about AVN Stars and how the platform compares to OnlyFans. So, without any further delay, let's start the comparison between OnlyFans and AVN Stars.

What is AVN Stars?

Powered by AVN, AVN Stars is a platform that enables fans of adult entertainment to access content shared by their favorite adult performers. The platform caters to male, female, and transgender performers and fans have to subscribe to the performers individually. On AVN Stars, performers can make money through several features such as live streaming, stories, and premium subscriptions.

Compared to other similar platforms, like ModelHub or LoyalFans, AVN Stars also offers an environment that closely resembles social media platforms. For example, performers can share updates with their fans across their feeds and also interact with them closely. This allows performers to know exactly what kind of adult content their respective fan clubs want to consume. The most positive thing about AVN Stars is that it's a part of AVN Media Network - a global adult entertainment group with a pretty big reputation.

How does AVN Fans work?

AVN Fans works in the same way that OnlyFans and other similar platforms work. Performers and Content Creators need to set up their accounts on the platform by submitting their personal details. The platform has a thorough verification process. Once the performers' identities are verified, their accounts on the platform become active. Following this, performers can share their content using the features provided by the platform. Performers are free to price their content according to their wishes and can add discounts and special offers as well.

For fans, the platform is even simpler. The signing-up process for fans in incredibly simple and once they activate their accounts, they can explore the AVN Fans catalog to find their preferred performers' content. The platform also allows non-subscribers to make one-off purchases, which further enhances the earning potential of performers on the platform. AVN Fans also offers convenience in terms of its payout frequency, which enables performers to get paid after a holding time of 7 days if your earnings are at least $25.

How to create an AVN Stars account?

Setting up your account on AVN Stars is an incredibly simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps that you need to follow to create your very own AVN Stars account:

  • Go to the AVN Stars homepage. Once you're there, you should see 'sign up' option. Click on it and wait to be redirected to the AVN Stars account registration page.
  • On the account registration page, you'll have submit a variety of personal details. You can use the platform to share content straightaway. However, if you want to earn from the platform, you'll have to submit your tax information, bank account details, preferred mode of payment, etc. These details will take some time to be verified (typically not more than 24 hours), following which you can start charging money for your content on the platform.

We recommend linking your AVN Fans account with your Twitter account. While this is not mandatory, it will make the login process significantly simpler in future.

You can also create your very own fan club on AVN Fans. The members of this fan club will be able to access exclusive content through subscriptions. To choose between public and private content, all you need to do is choose the right option during the upload process. Simply put, non-subscribers will be able to access public content. However, only the members of your fan club will be able to access private content.

The process of creating a profile is really similar to how you create a OnlyFans account.

How much money can I earn on AVN Stars?

How much money you earn on AVN Stars depends on several factors such as how many fans you have in your fan club along with the quality of your content. Also, you're likely to earn more money on the platform if you use all its content creation features such as stories, tips, etc. However, it's almost impossible to tell how much you'll earn because your earnings will be dependent on various factors. So, instead of asking this question, you should ask what kind of payout percentages the platform offers.

AVN Stars allows performers on the platform to net 80% of their total earnings, while the platform retains 20% for maintenance. Compared to most other subscription-based adult content platforms, this is significantly better. As mentioned before, $25 is the minimum payout amount on the platform, and you'll have to wait until your earnings are worth that amount or more to actually pocket anything. The platform offers multiple options to choose from in terms of payment modes such as Paxum, ACH, and more.

You can also earn some additional income from AVN Stars by making the most of its referral program, which we'll discuss in detail in the next section. This guide for new Content Creators will surely help you to maximize your profit in AVN Stars.

Also, keep in mind that you can hire an OnlyFans assistant or manager to help you improve your overall quality, and delegate in them edition, publish content all over your Social Media, and even promote your profile.

Earn Money in OnlyFans

AVN Stars Commission

AVN Stars offers performers quite an impressive referral program. Performers can earn 5% commission from the platform by referring fellow models and studios. The revenue sharing system is lifetime - the only condition is that you have to continue being active on the platform. Commission payments for the platform's referral programs are done whenever performers want to get paid. However, the commission payments should amount to $25 before performers can access the amount.

Is AVN Stars the best alternative to OnlyFans?

As far as subscription-based adult content platforms are concerned, OnlyFans is as big as it gets. However, in recent years, AVN Stars and various other alternatives have emerged. Since we've focused solely on AVN Stars in this post, it's time to do an in-depth comparison between AVN Stars and OnlyFans. If you've been wanting to know which platform you should use for building your fanbase, read on.

  • Payouts: Both AVN Stars and OnlyFans offer the same payout percentage - 80% of all earnings. So, on the surface, it might seem like there's no major difference between the platforms in terms of payouts. However, scratch the surface a little, and you'll see that AVN Stars stands to offer you more flexibility. While performers have to choose at least $4.99 as their monthly subscription price on OnlyFans, the minimum price on AVN Stars for monthly subscriptions is $2. However, the maximum cap is the same across the two platforms - $50. So, the winner here is quite clearly AVN Stars, as the flexibility it offers allows a greater number of fans to subscribe to your content.
  • Tips: While tipping is a common feature on most platforms like OnlyFans and AVN Stars, performers can make the most of the feature on AVN Stars. This is down to the fact that AVN Stars doesn't have a maximum tip amount. On OnlyFans, the minimum and maximum tips that performers can earn are $3 and $100 respectively. On AVN Stars, the minimum tip amount is $2. Again, AVN Stars offers a better deal that's high on flexibility. And the unlimited tipping option is like icing on top of the cake. Once again, AVN Stars is the winner as far as tipping is concerned.
  • Affiliate programs: Both AVN Stars and OnlyFans offer affiliate programs. However, in terms of earning potential, AVN Stars wins hands down. The commission percentage across the platforms is the same - 5% from each referral. However, your earnings from each referral will only last for the first year that each referral uses the platform. On the other hand, AVN Stars offers performers the chance to earn 5% lifetime commissions from its referral program. OnlyFans is also somewhat restrictive in terms of the program's maximum earning cap, which is set at $50,000. On AVN Stars, there's no maximum cap, which allows performers to earn well from the program.
  • Frequency of payouts: After a user pays for your content, you'll have to wait for a certain period before you can access the money. On OnlyFans, this period is 21 days. However, on AVN Stars, this period is only 7-days long. So, if you want to make money quickly, AVN Stars is the place to start.
  • Getting found by fans: Earning money on both these platforms depends on whether or not your profile gets found by potential subscribers. While AVN Stars allows users to perform searches, OnlyFans, quite surprisingly enough, doesn't have the feature. So, it's a bit tricky for new performers to get noticed on the platform. There's also the congestion problem on OnlyFans that stems from hordes of performers joining with each passing month, making the competition on the platform as stiff as it gets.

In conclusion, we'd like to say that AVN Stars is a much better alternative to OnlyFans if you're starting out as an adult performer. However, it's difficult to say that it's the best, as there are several other platforms, which all have their unique pros. You should definitely check out the comparison between OnlyFans and ModelHub