OnlyFans vs Just for Fans

In this post, we'll compare JustForFans with OnlyFans and help you choose the better platform among the two

OnlyFans vs Just for Fans

There used to be a lack of content creation and sharing platforms for adult performers. However, the times have well and truly changed. Now, adult content creators and influencers can share their content through certain platforms as well. And the best part is that they can get paid for it. OnlyFans and JustForFans are two out of several platforms that offer adult performers spaces to share their content and get paid for it.

So, if you're a performer who wants to start making some serious money online, you might be wondering what the best platform is. In this post, we'll compare JustForFans with OnlyFans and help you choose the better platform among the two. So, without any further delay, let's get right into it!

What is JustForFans?

JustForFans is a blogging/vlogging platform for adult performers and influencers where they can share their photo and video content with fans. To consume content created by their favorite performers and models, fans have to sign up to the platform and subscribe to the performers for a monthly or annual amount. Apart from photos and videos, fans can also pay additional money to purchase access to the performers' private Snapchat or Instagram profiles. JustForFans offers paid sexting as well.

When performers sign up to the platform, they can set their subscription rates within a pre-defined minimum - maximum range. This allows them to make money from the platform regularly. They can also choose the payment mode they would like the platform to pay them through along with the frequency of payments.

In terms of all the features available for both performers and their fans, JustForFans is quite similar to OnlyFans. However, as we go deeper into this post, you'll get to know about the differences between the two platforms.

How does JustForFans work?

Both performers and fans have to go through separate sign-up processes on the platform. While both processes are quite easy, performers typically have to wait for a day or two for approval after the platform verifies their identities and other details. For fans, there's no waiting period involved. They can sign up in a matter of moments and start browsing through the platform to find performers.

While fans can enjoy free content from performers without paying any subscription fees, premium content is available only for those who have subscriptions. Also, fans have to subscribe to individual performers, i.e. there is no single subscription fee for viewing all performers' premium content.

How to create a JustForFans account?

For fans, setting up an account on JustForFans is incredibly simple. All they need to do is use their email IDs for signing up. They also have to choose passwords to access the site. As soon as their email ID is verified, they can access the platform and start searching for performers.

However, the process is not as simple for performers, but not very complex either. Here's what you need to do to set up an account as a performer:

  • You need to perform a Twitter login to register your account.
  • Once your login credentials are sorted, you need to upload your ID details (including photo) and if you're in the US, a W-9 form as well.
  • You also need to choose your preferred mode of payment and submit details regarding the mode you choose.

The verification will take some time as the platform has to verify hundreds of applications simultaneously. You won't have to wait more than 24 hours for your approval. Once your account is approved and ready-to-go, you'll be able to start uploading your content and reaching out to fans. JustForFans has an adult industry directory as well, which lets performers connect with top industry agents. This comes in handy if performers want to create elaborate content at different shooting locations.

How much money can I earn on JustForFans?

Your potential for earning money through JustForFans and OnlyFans is quite similar. The platform will calculate your total earnings from subscriptions, tips, etc. Once the total amount has been calculated, the platform will deduct a small percentage and keep it with themselves. This allows JustForFans and other similar platforms to perform regular maintenance to ensure that they operate smoothly. They also use a portion of the deducted amount to pay their employees.

On JustForFans, performers can earn 80% of their total earnings, with 20% being retained by the platform for making employee payments and performing platform maintenance. OnlyFans lets performers keep 80% of their total earnings. So, even though you can earn a the same percentage of your earnings on OnlyFans, it's better to choose JustForFans as you can create more diverse content. This will give you more sources to earn from.

In terms of payout, JustForFans requires performers to earn at least $50 before paying them. Payout frequency on the platform is on a weekly basis. Performers can choose from a variety of payment modes, which include Paxum, ACH (bank transfers), and cryptocurrency payments. JustForFans also has an affiliate and referral program through which performers can earn additional income. We'll talk more in-depth about the platform's affiliate and referral program in the next section.

JustForFans Commission

JustForFans keeps a 20% of your earnings, so you will earn 80% of what your fans pay you. The platforms offers an affiliate and referral program for performers as well. It's a great way for the platform to be promoted and also for existing performers on the platform to earn some extra money on top of what they're earning through their content.

The revenue share percentage is 5%, i.e., for every performer you introduce to the platform, you get 5% of their earnings.

Is JustForFans a good alternative to OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has become a household name since 2020, and the number of both performers and fans signing up to the platform has skyrocketed. While this has made OnlyFans the biggest subscription-based platform for adult influencers and content creators, there have been some drawbacks as well. For starters, new performers find it incredibly difficult to establish themselves on OnlyFans, as the number of existing performers is very high. What makes it even harder is the fact that OnlyFans doesn't offer any search function. As a result, content shared by new performers goes under the radar most of the time.

However, compared to OnlyFans, JustForFans offers performers a competitive space that's much less congested. Another great benefit of OnlyFans is that fans and subscribers can perform searches on the platform. This allows them the freedom to access content created by both established performers and newcomers.

JustForFans also gives performers and creators more options in terms of content variety. So, performers who are creative can earn money from the platform by creating different types of content. There's also the adult industry directory feature on JustForFans that allows performers to get in touch with agents for getting more work.

The platform also takes cryptocurrency payments, which is a boon for fans who own crypto want to access adult content by making crypto payments. OnlyFans, on the other hand, only offers conventional currency payment modes.

In terms of the affiliate program, JustForFans offers the same revenue percentage as OnlyFans. So, on that front, it's hard to choose a clear cut winner, as your earnings from the program depend completely on how many performers you get to register an account on the platform.

The only advantage OnlyFans has over JustForFans is the greater payout frequency. On OnlyFans, it's completely up to the performers in terms of choosing when they want to get paid. The minimum payout amount is also more reasonable than JustForFans at only $20. However, you need to remember that making any money on OnlyFans is difficult and you may need to upload a lot of content before you get noticed.

JustForFans is also the better option for male adult performers. However, it's unclear as to why that's the case, as OnlyFans allows performers of all genders to sign-up to the platform and upload content. On OnlyFans, most fans and subscribers access content created and uploaded by female performers. On JustForFans, both adult female and male content is consumed by subscribers. So, if you're a male adult performer, we recommend signing up to JustForFans.

So, we've come to the end of this post, and it's time to pick the winner.

Just for Fans could be a better option, but it doesn't seem that they are putting too much into the platform. However, it wouldn't be fair to say that JustForFans is the best alternative to OnlyFans. At present, OnlyFans has a number of competitors. Each competitor offers something unique to fans and subscribers. While OnlyFans is the undisputed champion in terms of its popularity, the other innovative features offered by its competitors make them quite attractive as well. All in all, we'd like to end this post by saying that if you're new to the adult industry, it's better to start on a platform other than OnlyFans.

On our humble opinion, right now FanCentro could be the best OnlyFans alternative because they have a robust platform and an outstanding customer service. But there are many other good options as LoyalFans or ModelHub, so be sure to check them and decide which goes better with your style!