OnlyFans vs LoyalFans

Loyalfans compared against Onlyfans, who will win?

OnlyFans vs LoyalFans

Adult entertainment has now taken a new shape with the emergence of online camming and live-streaming. There is a wealth of websites that allow adult cam models to earn money from their content-hungry fans. All these subscription-based platforms allow adult performers or cam models to show their best selves and monetize their brands.

While looking for a subscription website that features some of the best cam models, then settling for a single option would be difficult. The number of websites that you can choose is large. In recent times, OnlyFans is seen stealing the limelight, becoming a pocket-friendly and interactive platform where content creators and fans meet.

However, LoyalFans, a similar platform, certainly deserves an audience. Before you sign up at an adult content platform, for example, OnlyFans, make sure you weigh it alternatives. To help you make an informed decision, let’s take you through the platform in this article.

What is LoyalFans?

LoyalFans is an online website that acts like an adult fan club. It’s a premium-based platform that allows Content Creators (camgirls and adult performers), public figures, artists, and other influencers to connect with their fans and have a meaningful interaction.

You can access original content that’s created by your favorite models. As a fan, you can support them and gain access to exclusive content, customized just to tickle your fancy as desired. The platform creates an opportunity for models to monetize their brand and create a steady stream of revenue. It serves as a powerful tool that allows Content Creators to turn their influence and originality into a well-sustaining business.

LoyalFans is a community-focused platform that’s committed to providing the best earning potential to Creators and models. They bring forth the most innovative and advanced technology, upgrading themselves with new features every now and then. The platform promises inclusivity, transparency, stability, and authenticity, creating a safe space for Creators and fans to express themselves in the best possible way.

How does LoyalFans works?

From behind-the-scenes to highly specialized videos, broadcasts, and programs, Content Creators can offer their expertise, and opinions to their “loyal fans”—something that they won’t find elsewhere. LoyalFans is where models of all identities and sexual orientations get the opportunity that they need to convert die-hard fans into actual paying followers. Monetizing your content and promoting your personal brand as a cam model becomes easier and safer than ever before.

The premium fan clubs are perhaps the most prevalent feature. Besides this, the common streams of revenue include locked content, paid messaging, camming, and referral programs. One of the most lucrative aspects of LoyalFans for Content Creators is the ability to make money out of the platform’s video call and live streaming feature. The diversity of this feature is plain remarkable. You can choose to use the feature for free for every visitor that logs in. Your fans can then enjoy the ability to send you tips directly through the cam section.

The platform is continuously bringing in new features to allow models to maximize their earnings. There are ample support tools and interactive features that can help Creators get the best experience and value from their journey with the platform. Some of the promotional tools that you can find include Widget Builder and Auto-tweeting tools. The first tool lets you create a widget, get a code, and link it to your blog or website. The second tool is available exclusively for Twitter users, who can use LoyalFans to tweet posts at a set schedule.

They take the privacy quite seriously. To help you safeguard your privacy as a model, you can take advantage of its geo-blocking feature. This will allow you to block users from certain locations—be it cities, states, or countries. Fans from the blocked locations are barred from accessing your profile.

Not to forget, you also have the option to set specific goals and earn more by going private. The per-minute rate offered to models for one-on-one interactions is superlatively impressive. If you wish to boost your popularity, there’s an upcoming feature that will allow you to post your sessions on your wall. Your video/clip store area on your profile will feature all your private shows. Even the quick login sessions—something that fans log in to chit-chat—have shown impressive results in multiples areas of profiles.

How to create a LoyalFans account?

You can use the platform either as a model/performer or as a fan/subscriber. If a model piques your interest and you would want to check out their performance, then you can register as a fan. When you do so, you can access all their videos, photos, and social networks.

Opening a LoyalFans account as a fan is quite simple and easy. You need to visit their site after which you can follow a few quick steps to register yourself. The best part is it’s free of cost. You don’t need a credit card to open account as a fan. Moreover, you can access the profile of your favorite model instantly.

Once you open the website, you will find the “Get Started” link on the homepage. Clicking on this button will open a Register now window, where you can find two options: Register Fan Account and Register Creator Account. You will also be asked for a nickname, your email address, and your password. Fill in this form and click on “Create Free Account.” After this, you can get going. Simply put in the name of the model and you can search for them.

If you are a model, then also you don’t require much to get started. As a Content Creators, you will have to be at least 18 years of age, otherwise, the website will not accept you. You will have to provide a digital copy of your ID for verification of your identity and age. It may take a while for the website to process your application. So, be patient till you get a response.

To register on LoyalFans as a model, you also need to make sure you are equipped to sell your content on the platform. For instance, you will require a proper webcam, a laptop or computer, and a robust internet connection if you wish to become a cam model. On the other hand, selling videos or pictures on the platform will require you to have a decent camera to maintain the quality of your content.

How much money can I earn on LoyalFans?

LoyalFans may be just another adult entertainment website where Creators can sell their content, but the payout is quite impressive. Believe it or not, it’s one of the highest-paying subscription-based websites. It may be difficult to say exactly how much models can make, but it’s seen that they get at least 80 percent of the revenue they get by selling their content.

They pay out models in two periods twice a month. The first period is on the first day of the month and lasts up till the middle of the month. The second period starts from the 16th and goes up till the end of the month. Content Creators receive their payments during the first seven working days after the period closes. If we compare LoyalFans to ModelHub, it is definitely way better!

Earn Money in OnlyFans

LoyalFans Commission

LoyalFans charges the Creator with a 20% of their earnings, in line with the rest of the industry. The percentage sees an uptick if you know how to leverage the referral program of LoyalFans. Under the program, you get 5 percent of the revenue that the other model earns by selling their content. Not to forget, you can also rake in 5 percent of the total purchases a regular user earns on the website, even though that amount is not spent on you.

When it comes to cash-out options, you should know that you need to have a payout of at least $50. This money can be withdrawn through a wire transfer or ACH. However, this will depend on the location where you are streaming. The cash-out options will be different in the United States from those provided elsewhere in the world.

Is LoyalFans the best alternative to OnlyFans?

Many content consumers look at LoyalFans as just another social network with a subscription fee. But there’s a lot of unique aspects that make it better than other websites, including OnlyFans. When we juxtapose LoyalFans against OnlyFans, you will see that both platforms offer great features. But you will have to make a choice between the two anyways.

When it comes to payments, there’s certainly a tie between both of them. Both offer an impressive 80-percent payout, with the remaining going towards the platform’s maintenance and R&D. LoyalFans gives you more opportunities to increase your fans because it allows people to conduct a model search, which is more advanced than OnlyFans. Nonetheless, it would be apt to say you can consider LoyalFans as a good alternative to OnlyFans, although the type of features offered by both platforms is similar.

Give it a shot and see the results for yourself.