OnlyFans vs MYM

In this post, you'll learn about every aspect of MYM that you could possibly want to know


OnlyFans gained notoriety in 2020, and ever since people came to know about it, they've swarmed the platform as both influencers and consumers of the influencers' content. However, in 2022, a lot of influencers and consumers are looking for similar platforms. The reason is simple - the skyrocketing numbers of influencers have made it hard for newcomers to establish themselves on OnlyFans.

One of the platforms to have emerged as a result is MYM. In this post, you'll learn about every aspect of MYM that you could possibly want to know. We'll take you through everything you have to do as an influencer and as a content consumer to make the most of the platform. So, let's get started!

What is MYM?

Before we go into the details, it's important to understand what MYM is. MYM is a subscription-based platform with features that allow a wide diversity of Content Creators to build new fan bases and monetize their content. The name actually means Meet Your Model. Creators are allowed to share both public and private content with their fans, and fans need to subscribe to the creators to access their private content. MYM also allows fans to request their favorite creators to make custom content. However, creators are free to accept or reject these requests. While creators can establish themselves from scratch on the platform, MYM is better for creators who already have a significant social media following. Such creators are likelier to start earning money from the platform sooner than creators who have no followers at the time of signing up.

How does MYM work?

MYM is a platform that caters to consumers of adult content. So, if you want to sign up as an influencer or Content Creators, you have to be 18 years old at least to be considered eligible. The best thing about the platform is that it won't cost you any money to sign up - irrespective of whether you're an adult performer or a viewer. Compared to some other similar platforms, it also allow performers to share free videos with their fans. So if you're signing up as a viewer, don't worry about having to pay a certain amount to have access to content. However, viewers have to subscribe to performers if they want to watch premium content.

The platform takes a token amount from the earnings of the performers, through which they maintain the platform and also pay its employees. Performers who sign up as influencers also have the freedom to price their subscriptions on either a monthly or annual basis. Custom content for viewers can also be sent in the form of 'push' media. If fans want to view the custom content, they will have to pay additional money on top of their subscription fees.

If you are an OnlyFans agency, you also have plenty of options in this platform to help your models earn more money.

How to create an MYM account?

Signing up on the platform is incredibly easy for both performers and fans. While fans only need to fill in relevant details to activate their accounts on the platforms, performers have to go through a verification process. Here are some tips on how you can create a performer account on the platform that will help you get noticed by your target audience:

  • Upload crisp, high-quality pictures on your profile: Your profile picture will be the first thing that potential fans see. That's why it's important that you upload high-quality images that are eye-catching. As there are already many performers on the platform, you won't stand much of a chance in terms of earning money from MYM if you don't upload quality profile pictures.
  • Keep your bio updated and detailed: If potential fans like your profile pictures, they'll naturally want to know more about you. This is where a well-written bio comes in handy. Describe what you do and all the things that make you special in the bio. Also, ensure that your bio is written in an SEO-friendly way. This will allow fans to find you through the platform's in-built search engine.
  • Start by uploading a few free videos: While the thought of earning money from every video is certainly tempting, the truth is that you need to give viewers something for free, especially if you're just starting out on the platform. Of course, you should also make sure that your free videos are accompanied by paid content as well.

How much money can I earn in MYM?

Performers on MYM can retain up to 90% of whatever they earn from the platform. As mentioned before, a small percentage of the performers' earnings are retained by the platform for paying its employees and maintenance. On subscriptions, performers can net 75% of their total earnings, while the percentages are 80% and 90% for private media and tips, respectively. The platform also charges a 7% transaction fee, which it applies before the application of the payout percentage. If it's too confusing for you to understand, take a look at the following example:

If you have ten monthly subscribers who are each paying $10 per month, your total earnings will be $100. After the 7% transaction fee is applied, the earnings will be $93. Next, the platform's subscription percentage of 75% will be applied. So, your net earnings for a month will be around $70.

To increase your per-month earnings, it's ideal to keep adding to your list of followers across all your social media profiles. You can expect 1 - 5% of your followers on social media to be your fans on this platform. So, it's vital that you put in as much effort as possible to build your online presence.

To get paid by the platform, you should meet the following conditions:

  • You should have an account that's certified
  • You should have a payment method added to your account
  • You should have earned a minimum of $50 in validated earnings

The certified account requirements are as follows:

  • Your account should have a minimum of one subscriber
  • Your contact account should be verified by the platform
  • Your feed should have a minimum of 5 videos or images
  • Your mobile number should be confirmed via text message
  • Your PayPal account or bank account should be added to your profile
  • A copy of your ID or passport should be uploaded on the platform
  • A selfie to verify your identity should also be uploaded

The platform also allows performers to choose the frequency of the payouts. Performers can choose to get paid once a week, twice a week, once a month, or twice a month. If you are a new Content Creator, make sure to check out ours tips.

MYM Commission

Like other similar platforms, it allows studios to sign up as well. If the studios want their models to earn commissions from the platform, they are required to request the platform to take charge of the commission payouts. However, if there are no requests from the studios, it's up to the studios to pay the performers their commission payments. OnlyFans assistans and agencies can have plenty of growth in this platform if they contact directly with MYM, so give it a try!

Is MYM the best alternative to OnlyFans?

To find out the answer to this question, we'll have to compare the features of both platforms and assess their respective pros and cons.

  • Payout percentages: While OnlyFans' payout percentage is a flat 80% for all its features, MYM offers different payout percentages. Performers on MYM can earn a lot through tips, which allow performers to net 90% of their total earnings from tips. MYM also offer a 1% performance bonus for 'SuperStars.' To achieve 'SuperStar' status on the platform, performers have to meet certain conditions. So, in terms of earning potential MYM is better.
  • Promotion of performers: In terms of promoting performers, OnlyFans offers next to nothing. The platform lacks a model directory, which is why it's not a great option for new models who don't have much of a social media presence. On the other hand, MYM allows fans to search for their favorite performers. Fans can search by name, city, and also through tags. Even when fans enter generic search terms, they can expect to come across hundreds of performers. Fans can also use the SuperStar filter to access content uploaded by the most active performers on the platform. So, MYM is the better option if you want your profile to be promoted to new audiences.
  • Referral programs: If you refer a fellow performer or model, you'll earn 5% of that model's earnings for up to an entire year. On the other hand, the referral program offered by MYM consists of 2 parts. The first part, also known as the model referral program, will allow you to net 10% of every referred model's earnings for life. The second, known as the ambassador referral program, allows performers to recruit recruiters who facilitate the growth of the platform. You will earn a whopping 50% of the referred ambassador's earnings for life under this program. So, in terms of referral programs, it's quite clear that MYM has a significant edge over OnlyFans.

Most other features offered by both platforms are similar, so comparing them would be futile. All in all, if you're a new performer who wants to start making money quickly, MYM is undoubtedly a better choice.

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