What is sales funnel and why do you need to implement it?

What is sales funnel and why do you need to implement it

A lot of people have misconceptions when it comes to having an OnlyFans and earning money with it. Some will tell you that it’s “easy money” because allegedly you only need to post photos to make bank. Reality is far different from that and you must already know it, that’s why we brought you this guide with some of the most intelligent and effective strategies to get more subscribers and turning them into loyal fans.

Implement a Sales Funnel plan. The sales funnel is simply a way to illustrate the whole customer journey that someone can make from the mement that they haven’t met you until they become your most loyal fans and how can you hack their movement through those stages.

But, why is this important? Or why should you implement it? Well, as we said Living from OnlyFans is not as easy as it might seem, you need to think about a marketing and sales strategy to succeed, that’s why we create so many guides regarding promoting on social media and different techniques to grow your account.

If you just randomly post content the results are not going to be nearly as satisfactory as you expect them to be, and since this could be a life changing decision to you, we suggest you implementing a strategy that allows you to both attract new people and making sure they stay subscribed to your account.

Understanding how does a Sales Funnel work will help you greatly to achieve it, stick around because you will also see practical ideas to guide you in the process!  

How does the Sales Funnel work.

This Pyramid is the best way to show you. It’s been separated in three parts (although the process could be longer to refine it more). You will see the top of the funnel, the middle of the funnel, and the bottom of the funnel.

  • At the very top you will have those that have barely seen you or followed you on any social media account, they haven’t even seen your link in bio or are not interested into knowing more about you.
  • In the middle you have your OnlyFans followers, they already subscribed to your account so you can know they like you! But that’s pretty much all they have done so far.
  • And at the bottom you have your most loyal fans, the once that love to interact with you, purchase more premium content and would spend more money on you if you would give them the chance.

All of your sales and marketing strategy must be centered into making people enter your funnel and advance through it.

Why is it an inverted triangle though? The shape represents the fact that the amount of people that will encounter you (let’s say your instagram page, your Twitter or even your OnlyFans) is much larger than the amount of people that will become your fans and subscribe.

We can represent it with arbitrary numbers so you can better understand what we mean: If 100 people see your Instagram, you could expect 60 to follow you, 40 to get to your link in bio profile, 20 to subscribe to your OnlyFans, and 5 to ultimately purchase your premium content.  

Unfortunately, truth is much sadder than the example because you can expect conversions way smaller than that, on average, only 1.5% of people encountering you on Instagram actually subscribe to your OnlyFans for at least a month, that’s why being conscious of all the steps that can encourage your followers into going further is very important.

The funnel will inevitably look like an inverted triangle since it’s impossible to expect to convert 100% of the people that find you into loyal followers, but we will focus on the strategies that will hack each of the stages of your funnel in order to make the conversions increase as much as possible!

Moving traffic through the Funnel.

Now let’s dive into the good part. How to make the system work in your favor? In short, you need to be aware of the fact that every little detail that you are expressing on your accounts for promotion is giving tons of information to people seeing them.

This means that everything you present to your audience must have a reason and a meaning behind it. From your profile picture to your bio, these elements are the first your potential followers will see and it will make them make a decision in brief seconds on whether they want to see more or not.

Once you get them to click on the subscribe button, you must make sure that the experience they are getting surprise them in the best of way.  With this detail you will make them feel happy about their decision. keep in mind that purchasing something that you can’t previously see represents a risk for the buyers, so if you happen to reassure them one they are there that subscribing was the best decision, you will be more likely to see them around the next month.

As a final note, don’t get overly fixated into turning a subscriber into your best fan, or your TikTok followers into subscribers, because not everyone is interested in doing so no matter the quality of the strategy you implement. Some people are just content with what they already see from you, and spamming them trying to grab their attention might be  counterproductive.

In these cases just try to make sure they stay happy where they are, if you are effectively implementing systems to satisfy them, they will eventually convert. And remember that these conversion not necessarily happen over night, you might see differences in a short period of time, but people often need time to decide to spend more money on you.

Strategies for each stage of the Funnel.

You already know that the purpose of these strategies is to encourage that people move from the top of your funnel to the top. However, in order to do that you need to first ATTRACT people, meaning that you must promote your accounts in order to make sure people see you.

If they don’t encounter you, they will never get interested about your content, subscribe to your OnlyFans and so on. Meaning that the first people is to put yourself out there!

This part begins with opening social media accounts specifically for promoting your OnlyFans. Try to focus your efforts in places like TikTok, Reddit and Twitter, but all of them will be helpful to get the most people to know you as possible. In short, be interactive, post consistently and constantly, and entice your followers into wanting more.

In hubite we develop plenty of guides on how to do this effectively, take a look at our blog to find them and nail this part of the process!

After you figure out where and how are you going to find people, let’s get to conversions. Here are some examples of what can you do in each step.

  • Strategies at the top of the Funnel: Once you have grabbed people attention then you need to make sure they have the means to consume more of your content. And here we start with the first idea:
  • Have a Free OnlyFans. If you have one, then people will be able to see your more explicit content without the hesitation of purchasing something they are not sure yet if they would like. So this is a great way to dissipate that concern and give them a taste. Of course, you still need to be able to see some money from it, so here’s where the second strategy goes.
  • Sell PPV content on your Free account. When you have people subscribed to your free account, and are enjoying their stay, they won’t feel unsure on wheter to purchase content from you, so you will send them powerful PPV photos and videos that hopefully will enchant them enough to go to the second stage to the funnel.
  • Strategies at the middle of the Funnel: You already charmed enough your followers to go to your free OnlyFans and now they want to see more, it’s time to give them so intelligently.
  • Offer discounts or bundles to your subscription. This way they will feel that they can’t miss the chance to subscribe to their favorite Creator. Bundles will help you sell several months at the same time and discounts will give them the best opportunity to see that quality content reserved for those who ventured to subscribe to your paid account.
  • Interact through direct messages. In your paid account you get to be more engaging with your followers, this is another powerful tool to convince those that are subscribed to your free account to move to the premium version, you can sell PPV as well, and a welcome message will melt them right away.
  • Strategies at the bottom of the funnel: After all of that work, here you finally have your most loyal fans, congratulations! They will love to keep purchasing from you so here’s what you can do.
  • Send your tipping menu. They will be heads down to purchase custom content from you and the possibilities are endless! You have already cemented the way here, so even if they start small if you deliver what they are expecting, you will surely get more expensive request soon!