Dirty Knix OnlyFans [Case Study]

Learn more about the amazing story behind Dirty Knix and how she makes a living out of OnlyFans


Dirty Knix is a British Adult Content Creator and a true veteran in the SW world. She has 17 years of experience and is categorized as an OnlyFans MILF petite hotwife.

In this interview, you will find a very touching story and everything she does to be successful regardless of the obstacles! Additionally, you will get many tips for your daily life as a Content Creator and, of course, tons of advice from this amazing OnlyFans Milf Creator.

What is your current job?

Content Creator & Creative writer

When did you decide to open an OF account, and why?

Back when I was doing domination, I came across the OnlyFans site. At the time, this being a few years back, I did not realize the huge potential of this site, and I will always regret not signing up sooner.

However, when I started selling fetish items for time on Twitter, I signed up. Again, for a long time, I didn’t realize the potential, but I soon found out that when I worked at it, I could earn more than I ever have in any previous job!

Do you remember how you got the first subscribers on the platform?

I believe my first ever subscribers either came across from my Twitter page, or we are gained by doing SFS with other Creators.

Subscribers Twitter OnlyFans

What do you think has been your best marketing strategy to grow as a Creator?

Using social media to bring traffic to my platforms! Plus, investing in decent promotion regularly.

Do you have a favorite social network to promote your content? Which one? Explain the reasons

My favorite network is Twitter. First of all, you can post NSFW pictures here, whereas Instagram is a little more conservative. You can also post links, etc., whereas, on Instagram, you have to be careful.

I do not show everything on Twitter, only up to topless, which minimizes the engagement as opposed to explicit posts, but I think it maximizes the click-through rate for potential subs.

So I spend a lot more time developing my Twitter account than I do on Instagram, but I will also be focusing on my Instagram account to maximize its potential.

How has your life changed since you started OnlyFans?

When I finally understood how to manage my OnlyFans and earned several thousand dollars a month, my quality of life improved dramatically.

What I love most about this job is that there are absolutely no limits to the amount of money that you can make, which to me is a huge motivation!

When did you realize that you could make a living from this?

When I started hitting about $3000 a month, I realized that this job would be perfect for me. It is more than I have ever earnt in any job, be it adult industry or vanilla.

How is a day in your life as a Content Creator?

As a Content Creator, a typical day for me is to start by writing that day's “To do” list, which includes any sort of admin, including scheduling, social media, networking, etc.

I normally have a list of what I want to achieve that day and then another list of what I want to achieve that week.

Typically I will start I login into my OnlyFans and answering my fans' messages. I will then schedule whatever I need to for engagement, content for the page, etcetera.

Another daily task for me is social media. Although I have an app that can schedule some posts, My presence on there is still needed, and I post several times a day.

After this, I will go on Telegram, where I can easily spend two or three hours networking. This may be SFS with other Creators, selling my paid promo, caption channels, or writing services.

These that I have described are what I call my “Priority Tasks.” The most important things that must be done each day.

I find, and I think most Creators will agree, that this job is mostly admin! Very little of my time is then actually shooting content. It is all in work in the background that keeps things going!

Is there a personal story you would like to share?

I am a little different to most Content Creators in that I am sadly severely unwell, which means I do not have the time in stamina to spend all day every day working.

I was diagnosed with a neuroimmune disease 11 years ago and had to give up my job as an insurance manager. Soon afterward, I started online adult work, which eventually brought me to OnlyFans.

The nature of my illness means that I can become very unwell very quickly and with little notice. I am always completely housebound and bedbound for at least 20 hours daily.

However, thanks to smartphones and modern technology, there is so much I can do from my bed, luckily!

I shoot on average every couple of weeks when I get a rare better day. I shoot enough content to last for 2 to 4 weeks, and I try and get scheduling well. I had to allow for any days or weeks where I could not be online because I’m so unwell.

I wouldn't change a thing because I feel my illness led me to this opportunity, as it is absolutely perfect in that it can work around me if needs be!

I am not a huge oversharer, but my husband is my full-time carer, and he helps me so much.

I am on round-the-clock morphine and many other medications just to help me function. I have met a few other Content Creators who have chronic illnesses, and after having chats with them, they also agree that this is the perfect job!

It is very difficult at times, but considering my huge limitations, I think I do well.

What advice would you give to other Creators who are just starting out?

Start building your socials ASAP! You will need these as a source of traffic, and the more followers you have, the better.

onlyfans social media

I would also like to advise that this is not an easy job. Yes, we can get an amazing money. But the reality is that most girls work up to 14-hour days with or without assistance, and there is so much that goes on behind the scenes. I wish it were just a case of taking sexy pictures!

I have so much advice, but I think my final piece of advice that I feel is very important is content, content, content! When I joined OnlyFans I had already built up years of content, but for someone new to the industry, you might not have any.

You can never have enough content so get filming! Finally, consistency is key to running an OnlyFans page. For someone who struggles with this due to illness, I find scheduling really is my best friend!

Be transparent in your bio as to what you are offering. Buy paid promo and/or SFS regularly. And follow as many other Creators as you can on social media, as well as join groups on Telegram but you will meet other Creators and often just pick up tips from the chats!

Finally, be YOURSELF!! You know what they say, that if you love your job, you will never work a day again your life! And guess what? It’s true!! I adore this job so much that I often do too much and pay for it afterward, but I’m still learning!

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to establish a steady income that can enable my family and me to live comfortably. I would like to grow in every way, including all of my social media and the platforms that I’m on.

The one thing I love about this is that there are so many different opportunities, and I really couldn’t ask for a more flexible job.

I can honestly say, hand in heart, if I didn't do this job, I would not be able to work. If you need flexibility, don’t look any further!

I can’t have children, so I plan to work for as long as possible to ensure myself and my husband are financially secure.

I’m also looking forward to trying new things and evolving as a Content Creator!

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and OnlyFans.