How to create variety of content on OnlyFans

How to create variety of content on OnlyFans

How to pose correctly in OnlyFans

A great OnlyFans pose can be effective in showing off your body in front of your target audience. In this post, we'll take you through 20 different poses for you to try. So, read on.

Why should you create different content to post on OnlyFans?

You should keep experimenting with all the different poses we'll suggest in this post. The reason for this is simple - the more variety you offer to your fans on the platform, the greater their engagement will be.

20 different poses that engages the users

So, these are our favorite OnlyFans poses for engaging your audience:

1. Arched back forward pose

You'll need a chair for this OnlyFans pose. It's quite simple - just sit on your chair, spread your legs, and arch your back forward. A great way to capture this pose is to take your smartphone and click a photo in the mirror. Another option to capture this pose is from a side angle. This is one of the best poses for highlighting your bust and/or your booty.

2. Booty on the edge

This is another chair pose. For making this pose work, simply sit in a reverse position on any chair and place your booty right on the edge. For capturing this pose, we recommend having someone with you. You could also capture it by setting up your camera using a tripod and using the timer function.

3. Bust forward and booty behind

Yet another chair pose, this pose requires you to sit halfway in a reverse position and face the camera with your bust. At the same time, your booty should be placed behind. Try to bend forward slightly to make your bust look more pronounced.

4. Doggystyle

Now that we're through with the chair poses, let's move on to certain sexual position poses you can try. After all, capturing yourself in these positions will always get the guys' imaginations hyped up. For starters, try posing in the Doggystyle position. Mirror shots, side angles, and/or POV - there are plenty of ways to approach this.

5. Cowgirl

This OnlyFans pose is all about you being on your shins and letting your bust and booty shine. A front-angle capture would be nice, but if you want to highlight your assets in the best way possible, we recommend a side-angle shot. If you want to make this pose even sultrier, wear a high-waisted thong.

6. Holding the shirt up

Next up, let's focus exclusively on the bust. So, this one's a pretty basic pose. Wear a tight shirt and pull it up, but not all the way. The point is to show a little bit of your bust without giving everything away. This pose is great for revealing a part of your cleavage, which always manages to turn the guys on.

7. Push the breasts inwards together

This pose makes for incredibly raunchy photographs. However, you'll need someone else to take photos of this pose as both of your hands will be occupied. It's all about pushing the breasts inwards at the same time. We recommend wearing a bikini top while doing this pose.

8. Bust from under

One of the easiest yet most effective poses, this one is all about taking a shot of your bust from under. Simply place your smartphone under your bust and keep taking photos until you're satisfied.

9. Seatbelt

If you're a girl with a big bust, you've got to give this one a go. It involves wearing a seatbelt in such a way that the seatbelt makes your breasts swell and push up against one another - super hot, isn't it?

10. Booty lift by hand

This one's a back shot and it's all about using your hands (either of them) to lift up your booty. It's a great way to let the guys know what it would feel to have your booty in their hands.

11. Booty undershot

Guys love big booties, but do you know what they love even more? The answer is - bigger booties. So, if you want to make your booty look bigger, just place your camera under it and start clicking photos.

12. One knee up

This is a standing OnlyFans pose, and to do this, just get one knee up from the floor and give the guys a nice view of your sexy back. You can also capture yourself doing this pose from a side angle if you want your bust to be viewed as well.

13. Kneel on one knee

If you're not blessed with a big booty, don't worry. There are many tricks to make them look bigger than they are, and this is one of them. It involves kneeling on one knee and at the same time, bending forward so your booty protrudes.

14. Legs up while lying on the stomach

You've probably seen this before and if you manage to capture this from the right angle, you can show off your cleavage and your booty. Simply lie on your stomach and put both feet up in the air.

15. Booty out in the water

To execute this one, you'll need a swimming pool. This pose is quite similar to the previous one, but when you're inside the water, make sure that your booty, back, and face are sticking out.

16. Banana eater

If you really want to make things suggestive, why not eat a banana and click a photo of yourself doing it? It'll get the guys turned on and you'll get plenty of nutrients too. Try things like deep-throating and licking to take things to the next level.

17. Lean on the wall

You could do this without a sofa but we recommend one. So, get up on your sofa with your face against the wall and lean on it - it's a great way to show off your back along with your booty.

18. Bathtub poses

If you've got a bathtub, by all means - go for bathtub poses. Get the bathtub all soaped up and experiment with different angles and shots - you won't be disappointed and nor will your fans.

19. Milk dripper

Just get a carton of milk and drip it on yourself. Of course, make sure to click your photos as the milk slowly trickles down your face and your body.

20. Legs spread out on the kitchen table

This is the best way of telling your fans what's on for dinner.


The more variety you offer in your creation, more subscribers will be attracted to your content. Use your imagination and always produce great quality content.