How to use OnlyFans

If you want to try this new social network, we explain how to use Onlyfans in a simple and safe way.


Onlyfans has become one of the fastest growing websites in the whole world. This is because it is the best option to expose or consume original content, interacting directly with fans and models and earning money without the need of any other third party.

If you want to try this new social network, we explain how to use Onlyfans in a simple and safe way.

How does OnlyFans work?

OnlyFans works practically the same for the two types of users that there are, subscribers and content creators. What's more, you can be a content creator and be subscribed to the accounts you like, you don't need 2 different accounts or accesses.

Using OnlyFans as a subscriber gives you the opportunity to view the material you prefer by paying the amount indicated by the account you want to subscribe to. Remember that there are also free accounts, and you can subscribe to all the profiles you want without any limit.

If you use OnlyFans as a Content Creator, it will be with the intention of creating material in an original way to monetize your photos and videos. Regardless of what you want to do on the platform, you need to have an account and the process to open one is the same for user and for Content Creator.

Whenever you are going to do something, make sure you are on the original OnlyFans website as there are many sites pretending to be them in order to steal personal data and scam the unwary who access it.

Next, we will tell you the different parts of the OnlyFans website and how to use it like a real pro.

OnlyFans Menu

If you are using a computer, the menu will be at the top, and if you access from your mobile, it will be at the bottom.

The OnlyFans menu has these buttons: Home, Notifications, New Post, Messages and My profile. We are going to explain step by step what you can do in each section of the web.


The Home is the main part and it is where all the news of those accounts we follow appear. At the top we will see the Stories, similar to those on Instagram and Facebook. If we click on them, we will automatically see the publications that have been uploaded in Stories mode. They are usually short reproductions of 3-4 seconds and we may see a short video, a text with information, or perhaps a preview of a series of photos.

If we scroll down a bit, we will see important messages regarding the accounts we are subscribed to. We will be notified if there has been a price change in the accounts we follow, if a subscription is going to expire, or if we are reaching the end of the free trial period of an account.

Remember that we have to accept by clicking the price changes and confirm if we want to subscribe to the paid version after a free trial. We will not be charged any unauthorized amount automatically, so we can rest assured.

They will only automatically charge you for those payed accounts to which you have subscribed and in which you have activated the automatic renewal of the subscription.

If we continue scrolling down, we will get to the posts that have been published by the accounts we follow. These work the same as FB and IG. You will see the name of the creator, a photo or a video that they have uploaded, a text that accompanies it, and the possibility of giving it a Like if we press the heart icon. We can also interact with that person by writing a comment (if they are enabled) or sending a donation by clicking on the dollar symbol. Finally, if we like the publication and want to save it, we can click on the button with the shape of a bookmark that appears in the post and it will be stored in our saved posts, where we can see it whenever we want.


The next section of the menu is Notifications. Here we will receive all the notifications and they are classified like this:

Interactions, which means that someone has commented or responded to a post.

Likes, which means that someone has liked a post you have made or any of your comments.

Subscriptions (very important!!): The people who have subscribed to your profile will appear here. This allows us to keep track of how much your account is growing and who has been the last people to join.

Next notification is Donations or Tips. Here you will see the person who has donated money to your account, the publication in which he has done it, and the total amount he has sent.

And finally, the Promotions notifications. Here we will receive alerts of the accounts that we are following and of the promotions that are being carried out. Either they have given access to their profile for free, they have temporarily reduced its price, or the notice that one of our subscriptions is about to expire.

New Post

If we want to create a publication in OnlyFans, we must click on the button with the + symbol to start a new post.

On the New post screen we will see a section to write text, a button to add content, and another button to launch a survey.

In the part of writing text we can include emojis and all the text we want. Ideally, we should make a short and striking text, and then attach a video or photograph to make it more interesting. Fans are really happy to interact with posts, so give them quality content so they can share your profile with other friends!

Also, the option to create a survey is interesting if, for example, we want to do a photo shoot and we want to give our fans the opportunity to choose what kind of clothes we should wear. Check out this guide for Content Creators to learn the best tips to earn more money on OnlyFans


Messages in OnlyFans are the most important part. From here we can send messages to Content Creators and/or reply to our fans. It is the most interesting part, since we can speak directly with the people we follow and establish a closer relationship with them than is usual in a social network. You can create automated messages to send to your fans offering them packs, new posts, etc.

My profile

The last section is My OnlyFans Profile. Here you can access your settings, change your username, add an account or bank card, etc.

It is very important that you spend a few minutes on this part, since correctly configuring a profile helps enormously so that new subscribers can find you.

We previously also indicated that you could save posts from content creators and access them later. You can access them from the Bookmark section and you will see all of them in the order in which you have saved them.

You will also see an option called Lists. The Lists keep track of the accounts you follow, the followers you have, your referrals and the subscriptions that have been renewed.

How to delete a OnlyFans account?

Last but not least, if you are looking to delete your profile, you should check out this guide on how to delete a OnlyFans account.