How to verify your OnlyFans account as a Creator

How to verify your OnlyFans account as a Creator

Verifying your account is the first step you will encounter on the OnlyFans Platform to post on it. This means that if you want to start earning money on the website, you won’t get away without going through the verification process. However, note that if you only desire to subscribe to and watch content, you don’t need to go through any verification.

Why do you have to verify your OnlyFans account?

There are many reasons why verifying OnlyFans is extremely important for this platform. Firstly, we could consider making sure minors are not using the services in any way.

Verifying also prevents crimes such as uploading stolen content or using someone else’s identity. Overall, it creates a safer community and environment, which encourages more content creators to join and subscribers to enjoy it.

verify to earn money in OnlyFans

Is the OnlyFans verification safe?

Yes, OnlyFans verification is safe. It’s normal that you feel hesitant since the verification process requires screening documents such as your ID, card, and email. But don’t worry, this whole process is done by a company specialized in verifying users online and handling data safely called Ondato.

Plus, your data will not be visible to anyone, even those that subscribe to your channel. Only your display name will be shown, so you can remain completely anonymous to everyone if you desire.

How to get verified on OnlyFans: Step-by-step.

It might seem intimidating, but you will see that the whole process could take you less than a day. These 4 steps guide will help you start posting in no time!

Step 1

Go to and Sign-Up.

By now, you will only need to write down your email address and password. Once you do that, you will need to confirm you are not a bot with a captcha and log in. You will be now in your account.

onlyfans login screen

Step 2

You can set all your account information now, but if you want the verification process to go faster, skip this part; you can take your time to fill in the information later. On your homepage, you will notice that you need to verify your email.

If you click on it, you will be able to send the verification email from OnlyFans to your email. Once you have done that, you only need to go to your email and follow the link, this will lead you again to OnlyFans, and the email verification will be done.

choose your verification document

Step 3

You can now add your profile picture. However, it is not necessary at the moment. Here you will be able to continue your verification process since you can add your bank account. This step is essential as well, and without this, you won’t be able to set your subscription prices.

If you click on the “add a bank account,” you will need to complete the details it requires. Ensure all the data you are providing is accurate since it could delay the verifying process. Remember that this is how you will be paid as well, so you want it to be correct.

add your bank details in onlyfans

Step 4

For the last part, you will need to upload some requirements:

  • You will need to fill out your legal name and address, including city and zip/postal code.
  • Upload a photo of your ID, passport, or driving license (any of them work).
  • Finally, you will have to add a photo with your face.
  • Remember to check the box for explicit content!

And that is it! You only need to wait until the process is done, and you will be ready to start posting your content. You cannot do much more while you wait except for filling in your account details and ensuring everything is prepared to attract new subscribers.

How long does it take to get verified on OnlyFans?

It’s stated that the approvals of the verification process are submitted within 72 hours, although many content creators' experiences (and our own) tell us that 24 hours is way more common than three whole days. You will get an email in case you haven’t been accepted on why you weren’t.

What happens if I can't verify my OnlyFans account?

The process might have gone very smoothly for many people, but for another considerable part of the community, verifying the OnlyFans account became a true odyssey. Here we bring you the most common reasons why your verifying process was rejected and how to fix them.

  • Blurry Photo: This one is straightforward to fix. Always try to take the picture with sunlight, that there are no shadows or reflections, everything is readable, and that you weren’t shaking when taking the picture.
  • Expired Identification: Expired documents are not allowed. Actually, those that expire within the next 30 days are not permitted either. If one of your documents is close to expiring, try to use the other to see how it goes; otherwise, you will need to renew at least one to get verified on OnlyFans.
  • "Verification name did not match the legal name": Make sure you wrote everything correctly, without mistakes, typos, or anything you might have left unfilled. This also applies to inaccurate information in general. Remember that maybe the problem is the picture of the ID, so make sure everything is readable there as well.
  • "A secondary form of ID is required": Often happens to non-Americans or unusual documents. This only means that OnlyFans requires another ID photo to verify your identity.
  • "Verification by additional social media is required": For the platform to make sure you are a real person, you might need to share links to your social media. Do not worry about others seeing your social media accounts. It is not visible. It will only be required through this period, and you can unlink them whenever you want after it.
  • "Submitted account promotes escort services": This one can be triggered by words that suggest meetups on your profile. It is rare, but OnlyFans prohibits such niche, so try to avoid any possible hint to escort services.
  • Incorrect File Format: Make sure that your photo is in jpg. Or png. Also, it is smaller than 7MB. If it isn’t, try to change your camera's settings or the pictures' format with a file converter. There are also file compress tools online if yours is bigger than 7MB.
  • Other technical issues: You can contact them directly and ask for information. Keep in mind that your country might have specific requirements, so a quick look into that might help you get through this.

With these steps, you will be ready in no time. Make sure you follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. You will find many guides and useful information to grow your OnlyFans account.