OnlyFans Custom Content requests: How to attend to them?

Learn how to attend properly custom content requests on OnlyFans and maximize your profit!


As a Content Creator, you know that your followers are the most essential part of your brand. As in any business, you have to satisfy your customers, and your fans are your customers because they pay for your content. So... how to make them happy with the content you provide them?

How to get started

To offer the best content, capture the attention, and keep those who have already subscribed to your account, you must interact with them and offer them what they are looking for.

An excellent way to do this is through messages and interaction in your social networks and of course, in your OnlyFans account. You can also search for users who frequently request personalized content and prioritize them.

Did you know that in OnlyFans, the most requested content is BG (boy/girl, basically a man and woman in action)?

most requested onlyfans content

Keep this information in mind if you want to stand out with your content and reach more users!

OnlyFans Custom Content Request Stats

  • 36% of the users request personalized content from girls and boys.
  • 26% of people search for content where only masturbation is involved.
  • 14% search for other contents.
  • 12% of the people want content with toys.
  • And the last 12% request content of girls interacting with each other.

This information will help you focus your content according to your goals and what users are looking for when looking for adult content.

5 tips to make your fans happy

Keep in mind this tips to help you when interacting with your fans:

  • Offer content of value to your fans: As we said before, understand their needs, tastes, and interests to create content that seduces them. Make them feel part of your brand.
  • Create a content plan: Organization is vital for you and your subscribers. Keep in mind that creating adult content is your job, and as in any job, you must organize yourself, set goals, and create a strategy.
  • Interact with your fans: Once you create your action plan, don't forget to interact with your followers. Why? Because it is crucial to maintain a connection with them, to know their tastes and how their needs are changing, so you can adapt your content according to what your subscribers need.
  • Quality or Quantity? Content is your master key to reaching your followers. You must post more frequently on all your channels during your first weeks as a Creator. However, once you've been posting for a while, evaluate and prioritize quality content over quantity of posts.
  • Evaluate to evolve: This is where the secret to success is! What isn't evaluated can't be improved, and let us tell you that there will always be areas for improvement.

Over time you will better understand your followers and what is the most effective content, but don't forget to evaluate your results to keep growing.

keep your onlyfans subs happy

Final tip: A happy customer is your best advertisement, as they will recommend you to other users looking for Content Creators. Remember to focus on what works best and do less of what is less effective.

Download our infographic now and share it with other Content Creators!

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