Onlyfans price calculator

Would you like to calculate your PPV prices like a pro? We made this OnlyFans price calculator just for you!

Onlyfans price calculator

The online world offers an incredible number of avenues to earn money these days. Besides the popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, there are so many other platforms where Content Creators can rake in an enormous sum of money.

OnlyFans is an illuminating example of a revenue-generating platform that Content Creators have come to love in recent times. The platform reported a user base of 140 million as of January 2022. To add to it, it gets close to 500,000 profile registrations a day! That's quite a feat for a relatively new content platform.

The best part about OnlyFans is that anyone can earn on it. In fact, it's a favorable platform for Content Creators who use social media to expand their reach and who like creating their own content. The platform was initially developed to feature only adult content, but eventually, it has encompassed a range of genres-from cooking to travel to tutorials to selfies.

If you are a Content Creator, you will get paid when your fans subscribe to your content. The payment can be on a monthly, one-time, and pay-per-view (PPV) basis. 80 percent of the money goes to you, and the remaining 20 percent is kept by OnlyFans. Compared to other social networks, the platform offers a direct way for Content Creators to earn from their fans.

So if you are planning to sell content on OnlyFans, and you need help setting the prices, don't worry because we created a OnlyFans PPV price calculator to help you in this task.

OnlyFans pricing

For Creators, fixing their OnlyFans pricing can be a tricky business. This is where they can use an OnlyFans calculator, as developed by Hubite, to know how much they should charge for each type of content they share on the platform. Nevertheless, it's always recommended that Content Creators have an idea of the ballpark they should be aiming at.

OnlyFans membership cost by default is free, and Creators can set a base membership value at $4.99. Some of the most successful Creators on OnlyFans suggest that novice Creators should start with a value in the range of $9.99 to $14.99 and should offer discounts between $5.99 and $7.99. Over time, Creators will be able to identify the pattern that exists between their OnlyFans pricing, supporters, and content. This would then allow them to alter their prices accordingly.

We recommend starting with a free account, getting to understand the dynamics of the platforms and the users, and trying to sell PPV content. Your income should be 70-80% on PPV sales if you are doing it right, so go for it!

How much should I charge in OnlyFans for a picture?

It's true that anyone can post any picture on OnlyFans, even nudes. But the amount of money that you can make from a picture will depend completely on the kind of picture you are posting. High-quality photos call for higher pricing for the obvious reason that you are offering something of value to your fans.

However, the general rule of thumb that content Creators on OnlyFans follow is setting one price for a particular type of picture. Ideally, if your picture conforms to superior resolution, you can charge a rate of $1-$3 per photo. A OnlyFans calculator should be able to give you an idea of the pricing you should fix for your photos.

How much should OnlyFans models ask for a custom video?

Most OnlyFans models that do custom videos base their price on their content and the length. Some go for per-minute pricing, while others go for a base price for a particular span of time and then offer a discounted per-minute price.

The normal rate for custom videos is in the range of $4 to $10 per minute, with $6 being the average rate. If you wish to go for block pricing, you can set it at $50 for five minutes and $90 for ten minutes, depending on the content. One trick to keep in mind is that you should have shorter videos to sell them really cheap, and when a fan asks you for more, you can sell a longer video much more expensive proportionally. Use this to maximize your income!

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How much should I charge for sexting?

For sexting, our OnlyFans price calculator will show you a per minute rate. Most Content Creators on OnlyFans have a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. As a rule of thumb, charge more the shorter it is! This means that the first 10 minutes are way more expensive than the next 10, and so on. If a fan has your complete attention, you are not selling to other users and you must reflect that on your rate.

When you have enough workload and are not able to keep up posting on Social, managing your SFS, etc, then you should think about hiring a OnlyFans manager or assistant. They can do the heavy lifting for you while you make money chatting to fans and creating new content!

How much should I charge for a Videocall in OnlyFans?

Most Content Creators set a per-minute rate for a video call and will have minimums. But some of them follow a block pricing system. The average cost per minute ranges from $4 to $15. In the case of block pricing, the average is $60 for 15 minutes or $100 for 30 minutes. Remember, if the user gets your full attention, he has to pay for it. Any consultant would charge per hour $60-300, right? You should do the same!

If you know how to price your PPV content on OnlyFans, you can surely make a lot of money. You just have to ensure that you strike a balance. Your content should be financially beneficial to you, but your fans should not find it too costly.

Do use an OnlyFans calculator to make the pricing process easier and more rewarding. Also, remember that if you are not getting enough fans to keep chatting and selling to them for at least 2-3h a day, you should definitely promote your OnlyFans account more. As in any digital business, you need a sales funnel in order to make money, and it starts with getting more traffic to your account!

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