Paid Subscriptions Are Not The Only Way to Monetize!

Paid Subscriptions Are Not The Only Way to Monetize!

If you are a Content Creator on OnlyFans or plan to become one, you might think getting more followers is the only way to succeed. And while the strategies that get you to find more followers are the key to growth. Most of your income might not come from paid subscriptions if you use the PPV options to your advantage!

There are different ways you can make money from your OnlyFans account. If you get too fixated on getting more followers, you might get frustrated since this is a relatively slow process. In this article, we want to share with you all the different ways you can make money as a Content Creator, so you can expand your view and focus on getting a more profitable account instead of a bigger one.

OnlyFans offers different tools to monetize your account besides the subscription fee. Thanks to these options, you can create a free account and still profit from it. Using PPV to your advantage is a real art! If you throw them in your account, you might get some sales, but you can make this type of content strive if you hint to your followers about what they are missing if they don’t purchase the exclusive content.

But this is only one of the ways. Here you have some strategies to monetize more and how to use the PPV messages option.

First, let’s talk about HOW to use the PPV messaging option.

As the name suggests, this option allows you to send private messages that can only be opened if your subscribers purchase the set amount. Depending on your preference, these messages can be sent to all your subscribers or just one. PPVs are very simple to use, and you will only need to:

To send a PPV message to a single person, go to your messages, write a message to the client you choose, and attach a file. You can click the price tag in the bottom right to set your price.

  • Or send a PPV message to your fans by going to the messaging page,  selecting “New message,” and “All subscribers.” And similar to the previous option, write your message, attach your median, and set the price. You need to send it to all of your followers to be able to purchase it.

However, it would be best to imagine that not all your subscribers are willing to pay for extra content. Some are just content with the subscription they are paying, as your other Social Media followers that are not subscribed to your OnlyFans might be content with what you post there. This means that it is essential that you define your own sales funnel.

Think about your followers on every social media you have a presence on and place them in a pyramid. At the very bottom, you will find those that barely know you, they might follow you, but they are not interested in going to your OnlyFans and purchasing a paid subscription. Then you have your followers who are subscribed to your OnlyFans, who are charmed enough to have paid a monthly fee. And lastly, you find your super fans. Those that love you and your content would spend more on you if you gave them a chance.

Following this structure, it is easy to see that the critical part for you is moving people higher into your pyramid and making sure that the ones at the top have the opportunity to invest more in you.

That’s where PPV plays a considerable role. The best strategy you can implement to use this tool to your advantage is to ensure you save the best content for the people who love you—providing them with the best and most exclusive experience among all your media. And you can even set tiers where they will find from cheaper to most expensive PPV. If you manage to satisfy the expectations of the lower tiers, you might entice them enough to buy a higher one. Remember, the happier you can get your community, the more willing they will get to climb that pyramid.