Protecting Your Content From the Hackers

Protecting Your Content From the Hackers

We live in a content-driven world, and the internet and social media have created an environment in which Content Creators and influencers thrive positively. We are seeing more and more people taking up content creation as their mainstay job every day.

The internet has everything: Videos about people caring about their pets, "how-to" videos about everything under the sun to people wanting to express themselves and meet new people.

Content Creators are the new-age opinion shapers and trendsetters of the world. And what they create needs to be protected from misuse, manipulation, and hackers. No one is exempt from these threats. As Hubite, we constantly seek to protect our website and content creators.

Why should you protect your content?

From beauty and fitness influencers to cooks and people just wanting to have an honest chat with their audience, we have people from all walks of life coming together to create content. This has created a dog-eat-dog world, and this ultra-competitive world has made protecting your content extremely important.

It takes so much time to create content, from ideation to shooting to editing and then putting it out there. All this hard work needs to be protected. Many people don't give Content Creators the respect they deserve. Putting yourself out there in front of everyone every day takes courage.

Creating content also takes a lot of planning. A sad reality of the content creation world is that there are people/accounts specializing in copying content, not giving due credit, and promoting it as their own.

Since there are no geographical borders on the internet, copyright laws become very difficult to enforce. The aftermath of dealing with your content being copied or manipulated is sure to be very distressing, and that is why one must take all the necessary steps to protect content.

How to protect my OnlyFans content?

OnlyFans, as a platform, does its best to protect the content of its Creators. OnlyFans is a safe website content-wise, as long as you are even mildly careful. They have several in-built features you can use as a Creator to ensure your content is not misused.

Here is a list of these features and more information about using them to your advantage.

1) Watermark

One of the many excellent features that OnlyFans provides its Content Creators is the option to put a watermark on their content. A watermark is a faint design or lettering you place on your pictures or your videos that cannot be deleted. Typically, a watermark is meant to identify the owner of the content.

So if someone tries to misuse your content by claiming it to be their own, the watermark will give them away! To use this feature, go to your account settings and choose Privacy and Safety. Then click on Watermarks. After this, you can select the content to place a watermark.

2) Two-step authentication

Another great security feature of the platform is the two-step authentication. This feature can ramp up the security regarding access to your Account. In the standard scenario, you can access your OnlyFans account by entering your username and password.

You must download Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator on your phone to turn on two-step authentication. Once this is done, go to your Account, click on Settings, and then on Account. Now choose the Two-Step Authentication option. Follow the instructions.

Once everything is done, you will need a six-digit code to access your Account every single time. This feature is highly effective in keeping your content safe from hacking hands.

3) Block, block, block

Trolls exist everywhere, in real life and on the internet. Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet can sometimes bring out the worst in people, especially trolls. If you come across people on the platform who seem to be obnoxious or abusive, don't think twice before blocking them.

A lot of hackers pretend to be someone else and try to pry out personal information, which they can go on to misuse. Blocking people you feel uncomfortable about, or those who don't give out a good vibe, is essential to protecting your content and your Account. You can block people from viewing your comment or sending you a DM.

4) Disable comments

If, for whatever reason, you do not feel like interacting with viewers on any particular video or piece of content, you can also disable comments. Many viewers like leaving friendly comments on videos from Creators they follow.

But, many leave abusive comments or comments with links to websites that aren't secure or contain damaging content. Hackers also use the comment section to lure unsuspecting people down the catfishing rabbit hole. If you feel the need, disable comments wherever you deem appropriate.

5) Go private

OnlyFans has a lot of restrictive tools that have been created with the sole purpose of helping protect Content Creators. You can make your account private if you want to put a restriction on the people who get to view your content.

This can be done by going to Settings, then clicking on Privacy and Safety. Then you click on Fully Private Profile. Another option for you to choose is restricting the 'Show Activity Status' option on your profile.

Tips to protect your content

One of the best things you can do to advocate for your content on the internet is to stay on top of the privacy settings. OnlyFans is always looking at ways to improve user experience and make things better for the Content Creators it hosts on its site.

Updates in the privacy settings are a regular feature as well. Even though it may seem very dull, spend time reviewing your settings at least every fortnight, and this is sure to help you in the long run.

You can also speak with other Content Creators and learn tricks to save their content from hackers.

Another essential thing to know is that OnlyFans encrypts all data.

Tools to help you select the best username

Selecting the most appropriate username can be challenging, mainly because almost all usernames are taken! Getting a username you find suitable for you can sometimes be more of a hit-or-miss game. Here are our tips and ideas to try out when selecting your username.

  • It would be best if you always kept in mind while choosing your OnlyFans username to ensure it is different from your actual name.

  • Another important thing is to not accidentally reveal personal information through the username, like your date of birth or any other significant details.

  • Always keep your username in sync with the kind of content you will create. This will help make an association in the viewers' minds and ensure they can easily recall you. In a world as content-driven as ours, having a good recall is one of the best things to happen to your Account.

If your content is about exercise, you could incorporate health, fitness, diet, or other words in the username. The same applies to adult content, and make sure the niche you are catering to is apparent via your username.

A simple Google search will lead you to "Username generators." These simple web pages help you create unique and available usernames for your OnlyFans account. Many of these username generators give you options to incorporate words indicative of the content you will make.

Legitimacy is something you must always look out for when browsing the internet. To pinpoint the things that show legitimacy is an important skill nowadays!