The best techniques to grow on Telegram

The best techniques to grow on Telegram

Telegram is an amazing platform with many cool features (let’s be honest, it is everything WhatsApp would like to be). It has excellent storage, bots, shares media without messing with the resolution, and channels that allow you to make polls and play games. Possibilities are endless here!

To top it all off, Telegram is very important for Content Creators since it’s a social network that allows adult explicit content to be shared without risking getting banned. If you haven't already, you can always read more about it in our guide to promote on Telegram.

But in this article, we will focus on taking advantage of all its features and accelerating your growth here. Keep reading to find the best techniques and tools for Telegram's success.

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How to Accelerate your Telegram Growth

First things first, you will want to use your socials to make sure everyone that encounters you on any platform has the opportunity to join you on Telegram as well. Add the channel’s link to your social media pages; if you feel ready for it, you can use Facebook ads to promote it.

You want your link to be present as much as you can. If you are a creator with plenty of links to share, we recommend you use a link in bio tool such as One Master Link (you can download a free guide about it here). This tool will allow you to share your socials, channels, and referrals in one convenient link and add PPV and crypto payments, making it more suitable for your audience and you.

This can be added to any social media post, YouTube description, or wherever you have a presence without risking getting banned in places where you are not supposed to share your OnlyFans. Blog articles are an excellent option for you to talk about your channel. The keywords you use in them will position you in search engines, and people interested in your channel and content will find you.

Regarding promotion, you have plenty of options out there. Participating in forums is a great option as well. We highly recommend you engage in Reddit and Quora. Reddit is a particularly good option, since it has plenty of subreddits that give you the chance to interact specifically with the communities that most interest you. You can read more about it in our Reddit guide.

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Keep in mind your community’s area of interest. Any type of content on topics that are among your subscribers’ preferences can lead to discussions and engagement with your audience. This leads us to the final technique to accelerate your Telegram growth which is quality over quantity. Focus on high on low. We assure you this will make a difference within your followers as they will feel you are truly adding value and giving them access to something well thought out and created.

Tools available for Telegram

As we told you, Telegram has many interesting features that you can use to your advantage. Here you will find the best ones we recommend you to use to accelerate your Telegram growth:

  • There are catalogs where you can find channels to promote yours for free. You only need to be mindful of their specific rules and comply with them to avoid any penalties. One famous catalog is the cat channel.
  • Telegram has paid promotions as well. Search for high-traffic channels having similar themes, get in touch with their admins, and pay to advertise your channel within their communities. In the largest Telegram Ad Exchange you can find manually verified channels and bots of various topics and buy ads in them.
  • Do not forget about Telegram stickers. You can decide to create your own stickers to advertise the channel in a fun and attractive way. Remember that the same stickers will then be used by your followers.
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  • Create your own Telegram bot. If you don't have coding skills, with SendPulse you can easily create your Telegram chatbot for free.

The 10 bullet points to accelerate Telegram Growth.

After all of this information, here you have a recap of every point we mentioned before so you can quickly come back and check it whenever you need it:

  1. Use your socials.
  2. Share your link.
  3. Opt for blog articles.
  4. Search for Telegram channel catalogs.
  5. Engage in forums.
  6. Use paid promotion.
  7. Do not forget about Telegram stickers.
  8. Reposting content within your community's area of interest.
  9. Create your own Telegram bot.
  10. Focus on quality.

If you want to learn more ways and techniques to grow on Telegram, download our new infographic here.

How to Increase your Telegram members.

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