8 things you should know before getting paid in OnlyFans

things you should know before getting paid in OnlyFans

It’s hard to be unaware of the popularity that OnlyFans has gathered in recent years. Many factors add to this. Still, there is no denial that OnlyFans is one of the most important platforms for Content Creators (especially Adult Content Creators) to monetize their work and make a living out of it.

If you would like to start this journey and make this your part-time or even your full-time job, in this article, you will find 8 essential facts and tips regarding OnlyFans monetization.

OnlyFans Payments

Every platform, to be profitable, must receive money, and OnlyFans does it through its Content Creators. The social network takes 20% of the earnings of its Creators. Meaning that you will remain with 80% of the profit.

onlyans fee

You can also check out a comparison between other subscription-based platforms' fees in this article.

OnlyFans content prices

An essential fact that all Content Creators should know is how to price their photos or videos.

The fact is that OnlyFans requires a minimum of $4.99, but it will depend on each Creator. There are OnlyFans models that have minimum prices and others that have costs around $30 or $40. We recommend you begin with a minimum price and increase the price when you earn more popularity.

If you have doubts about how much to charge for your content, you can learn more in our article "OnlyFans Price Calculator" by clicking here.

Payment methods allowed

If you want to set up your payment method, you should note that OnlyFans accepts the main credit and debit cards such as Amex, Visa, MasterCard, and several virtual cards or wallets.

Although many users have complained, the platform doesn't allow payment through Paypal.

OnlyFans App

Attention to the following paragraph; our information will help you avoid scams.

OnlyFans doesn't have any official app for Android or iOS mobile devices. However, finding links or web pages where an OnlyFans fake app is promoted is widespread.

onlyfans has no app

From Hubite, we recommend you to only find out about OnlyFans through the official website or on our site!

Cybersecurity and hackers

Hacks happen daily, so we want to remind you of the importance of being careful and creating secure passwords.

When a Content Creator reaches popularity, it is prevalent that people are trying to hack your account. Although the platform offers security measures, the truth is that on several occasions, data has been leaked. Therefore, we always recommend these tips to avoid fraud.

  • Create a secure password and don’t share it with anyone.
  • Avoid using the same password in other social networks.
  • You don’t click on scam emails, links, or fake content.
  • You don’t share your financial or security information on other sites.

Taxes by country

OnlyFans content creation is often overrated, it seems simple, but it is not. Creating quality content requires a lot of effort, time, and training.

In addition, to create content, you must take care of your followers, interact with them, and take care of your finances. This last point is vital because many Creators, when they start on OnlyFans, forget about the taxes they must pay.

What taxes will you pay? It will depend on your earnings and the country where you are located. If you have any doubts about this, we recommend you consult your country's regulations.

Only available for persons over 18 years

OnlyFans offers adult content, so the social network is only suitable for users and Creators over 18.

Don’t try to create an account if you are not over 18, as you will have to verify your identity with a document or passport, and you will not be able to continue.

onlyfans is adults only

It is essential to respect the rules of all the platforms, like OnlyFans, Fansly, FanCentro, or other social networks like Instagram or TikTok. This is a tip you should apply in your strategy as a Content Creator.

If you publish content on Internet, it will always stay on the Internet

Many beginner Creators don’t know if they post content on the internet. It is tough to download it later. Even if the publications are deleted, it remains on the internet.

Also, remember that your friends or contacts will end up knowing that you are a Content Creator, so you have to be sure that you want to become an OnlyFans Creator.

Check out our guide for your online identity to know more about this subject.