Comparison Between Fees on Content Creation Platforms

We analized all Content Platforms fees so you can compare easily!


When it comes to the content creation niche, there are a handful of platforms that creators, performers and influencers trust, for the type of service and features they offer.

Why the Content Creation platforms charge a fee?

As Content Creators who want to choose a platform to sell your services on, one factor you need to pay attention to is - how platform fees affect your commissions and subscription prices.

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When it comes to finances, content creation platforms charge fees to allow users to access their platforms. Some of the main reasons these platforms do this are:

To help Content Creators monetize from their hard work

Every niche requires a lot of effort to create content for. By charging fees to users, content creation platforms help reward creators for their hard work. If users enjoy your content, they pay you to see more of what you have to offer. You can look our guide to learn more about how to find a profitable niche.

To keep your content and services safe from plagiarism

Unscrupulous users may try to steal your content or your ideas for their own channels. If a creator's services don't have a paywall, it is easy to plagiarise their content. By charging fees, content creation platforms offer a layer of protection from plagiarism.

To reward users for their commitment to the creator

Not every user is a die-hard fan of a Content Creator. Gaining lifelong patronage for your profile promotion can be challenging if you don't distinguish fans who are your loyal fans, from the occasional user.

help creators to earn more money

Platform fees are, in some cases, kept at different rates, where people who pay higher fees are rewarded with bonus content. This bonus content helps bind the fan/user to the Content Creator for much longer.

To keep the platform up and running smoothly

Platform fees are also used by the content creation platform to upgrade their servers, fix software bugs, repair hardware components, provide additional security to both the creator & the fan and to pay employees who run the platform for users.

To offer services that other platforms may not

Depending on the type of services and accessibility the content creation platform offers, the platform fees also differ significantly. Sometimes, platforms charge extra fees for providing integrations and plug-ins that offer greater interconnectivity between devices. They even charge fees for helping users transfer their data onto another platform, thereby making their exit easier.

What do the best content creation platforms charge their users?

When you are a Content Creator -particularly in a niche that is highly-competitive- you need access to a platform that can help you gain visibility, reduce your liabilities and maximize your earnings. Understanding what fees these content creation platforms charge, how much of it they retain with themselves and how much they pay you, can help you decide which platform to offer your services on. At the end of the day, the platform fees should be affordable and welcoming to your fans, while also being generous to you.

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To help you choose between various content creation platforms, we compare the platform fees breakup of the top content creation and fan platforms today. Let's get started.


OnlyFans charges users between $4.99 per month and $50 per month for each Creator they follow. The platform takes only 20% of the monthly earnings of a Content Creator, while paying the rest 80% to the Content Creator. The payout can be set automatically or manually, so you can easily leep track of your income.

OnlyFans also has a referral program which your fans can use to earn by recommending your content to others. Fans get to earn 5% of your earnings, for the first 12 months up to the first $1 million you earn. This money is paid out by OnlyFans and is not charged to your account. That way, you have the potential to earn a lot by gaining a large number of followers quickly.

If you don't have an account yet, we suggest you read What is OnlyFans and How it works so that you are aware of it in detail before making your profile on this well-known platform for Content Creators.


FanCentro is another platform which is renowned amongst Content Creators. Here, fans/users can choose the tier of subscription they want to support. In that way, FanCentro functions a lot like Patreon, where influencers can create different tiers and also offer a customized tip option to fans who may want to consume their content.

If you like this winning model, you can take a look at our complete review of the Fancentro platform, where we explain everything in detail.

Influencers using FanCentro must pay 20% of all fan payments to the platform. The remaining 80% of the fees is paid to the influencer -with the exclusion of VAT.


On LoyalFans, Content Creators can set up their price for each piece of content, from anywhere between $1 and $50. When fans peruse your LoyalFans account, they pay you for each individual post they wish to see and not a monthly subscription.

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Content creators earn 80% of the fees charged per post, with the rest 20% going towards the platform as maintenance fees and employees salary. Creators can also take advantage of LoyalFans' referral program to gain more subscribers. Fans earn 5% of your current commission for each referral they make, who subscribes to your account. This 5% is paid by LoyalFans and not taken from your commission.

You can check out more information of this platform in our review of Loyalfans.


ModelHub is a model program started by PornHub. The average rate that ModelHub charges for each video is $0.60 per 1000 views. The platform pays Content Creators working in the porn and porn-adjacent niche between 80% and 95% of the payment they receive from their fans and subscribers. This accounts for between just 5% and 15% of processing fees that ModelHub retains from your commission.

In addition to viewing, ModelHub also offers downloadable content to users/fans. Content creators can keep up to 65% of the sale price you wish to charge per download. Content creators who list their content exclusively in PornHub Premium members, can also stand to make up to $35.58 per 1000 views on each video you create. Downloads of videos by premium members will make you eligible to earn up to 65% of the sale price you set.

Content creators on ModelHub can also join Fan Club and offer monthly subscriptions to their fans/viewers. Subscription tier prices can be set by you and they can be anywhere between $0.99 and $99 per month. You get to keep 80% of the Fan Club subscription, while paying 20% as platform fees. Learn how it works and how easy it is to create an account on ModelHub.

Creators who sign up for ModelHub's Exclusivity program to stream certain videos for free, will receive an additional 5% payout increase from the platform.


JustForFans recently announced a Patreon-style tiered membership service that Content Creators can use. From single month subscriptions to 3-months and 6-months subscription, there are different tiers that fans can choose. The price for each tier is determined by the Content Creator and can be between $4.99 and $14.99 per month.

The platform takes 20% of the commission as the processing fees from creators, while giving them 80% of the payment. If the Content Creator signs an Exclusive Performer agreement with JustForFans, you receive 85% of all subscriptions, tips, private media texts, in-store sales, texting sales etc. that are done under your brand name. When you are part of the Exclusive Performer level, you are expected to be a performer, and you can earn much money only with JustFor Fans.


On Fansly, Content Creators can offer multiple subscription tiers to fans, which are set at prices that you can determine yourself. All accounts do have a free content subscription level as well, where you can create content to encourage fans to subscribe to your platform. Most creators at the lower tiers charge between $5 and $15 per month, while reputed creators in the Diamond and VIP tiers charge $100 and $200 every month respectively.

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When it comes to fees, the Fansly platform keeps only 20% of the subscription paid by viewers, while giving creators 80% of the earnings as commission. This excludes the tips and other modes of earning in Fansly -which are also priced at 80:20, in terms of commission and platform processing fees.


Creators on LoverFans -also called Stars- can choose a subscription model that suits their preferences and audience affordability.

LoverFans has different payout tiers for Content Creators. Performers and influencers on this platform can earn between 60% and 80% of their subscription packages, depending on the services they offer. Video & image sales get the least payout at 60%, followed by shop sales at 70% and channel subscriptions & tips at 80% each. This puts LoverFans' processing fee between 40% and 20%.

Which platform is the best for Content Creators?

OnlyFans has been -and always will be- a platform that offers incredibly large and quick payouts to Content Creators. ModelHub- with its various solutions, can help creators use their content in multiple ways to generate the highest revenue. Similarly, other platforms too have their own advantages.

The truth is, most of the content creation platforms we have listed here have very similar payout policies and fee models. What is important is determining how quickly you want to receive your commission and what is your potential to earn if you choose a particular channel.

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We hope the choice you make helps you create a profitable and lucrative career as a Content Creator.

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