OnlyFans Data Use

If you are a Content Creator, OnlyFans is one of the best platforms to achieve growth and increase your income.


If you are a Content Creator, OnlyFans is one of the best platforms to achieve growth and increase your income.

This article will tell you some interesting facts about the platform and essential user statistics to help you become a successful Creator.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows Adult Creators to offer their content to users. The platform was launched in 2016 and has had incredible growth.

Nowadays, OnlyFans has more than 150 million users, over two million Content Creators, and paid out more than $3,000 millions in commission to Creators.

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What is the reason for the growth of OnlyFans?

One of the main reasons OnlyFans has become popular among Content Creators is because the platform has no restrictions on adult content.

onlyfans content

If users are looking for adult content on OnlyFans, they will easily find it. If a Creator wants to post photos and videos, the account will not be banned.

This is one of the main reasons the platform has had exponential growth during the last few years. The only requirement is that users accessing must be of legal age.

As a Content Creator who wishes to carve a niche in the adult space, it's recommended that you keep an eye on these trends so that you can come up with relevant, in-demand content.

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OnlyFans Data Use for Content Creators

One of the most recommended tips from Hubite is to analyze audiences, i.e., a Content Creator who knows her subscribers will be able to create more compelling content to capture their attention.

For this reason, we share with our Creators the most important OnlyFans data to help you with their brands.

OnlyFans Data Use by Device

Did you know?

85% of the users worldwide use their mobiles to view content in OnlyFans. 53% of those users use an iPhone. Only 15% of people use a computer, tablet, or other devices to view content on OnlyFans.

onlyfans iphone stats

Considering this data, your challenge as a Creator is to adapt your content so that users can see it with the best quality on their mobiles.

Don't forget that video content is trending and converts much more than photos. If you are not doing it yet, focus on creating videos in a vertical format designed for users looking for content from their mobiles.

OnlyFans Data Use by Country

The United States has the highest number of people searching for adult content on the Internet.

50% of the OnlyFans platform's users come from the United States, and even many of the top-earning Creators on OnlyFans are Americans, such as celebrities Bella Thorne or Bhad Bhabie.

onlyfans countries

If you keep in mind this and want to grow as an adult Content Creator, you must focus your efforts on posting content that engages United States users.

The United States leads the rankings of users looking for OnlyFans content; there is no doubt. However, there are other countries with high consumption of adult content that you can reach with your Creator profile.

35% of users searching for content come from countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 15% come from Spain, Mexico, Germany and Colombia.

As you can see from these stats, the countries with the highest percentage of people searching for adult content are English-speaking. For this reason, it is very important to communicate your content in English.

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Tips for Content Creators

User statistics are essential to review what you are doing as a Creator and adapt to the needs and demands of your followers.

In conclusion, we would like to recommend these tips to you:

  1. Review adult content trends frequently to adapt your content. Interact with your users to get to know them and discover how to capture their attention.
  2. When creating photos and videos, remember that 85% of people will search for your publications from their cell phones.
  3. Prioritize content in English; English-speaking countries have the highest consumption of adult content by users and the highest purchasing power to pay for your content.