OnlyFans vs IsMyGirl

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Adult entertainment is no longer the same ever since platforms like OnlyFans hit the online space. With a growing community of models and followers, these platforms are striving to bring the best of adult content through premium videos.

However, OnlyFans is not the only adult social media network available to interested users. The online space has an array of options to offer, each one distinct in its content offering and membership rates.

In close competition with OnlyFans is IsMyGirl, which is an interesting adult fan site featuring the most sensual and sexual content creators and models. Many users have come to prefer it over OnlyFans. Before you make a decision, let's discuss certain aspects of this platform here.

What is IsMyGirl?

IsMyGirl is an adult social site with a premium subscription that lets fans established more private connections with their all-time favorite models and Content Creators. It was created by actor and musician Evan Seinfeld. When you become a member of IsMyGirls, you get access to exclusive images, videos, and content feed.

The collection of videos on IsMyGirls is diverse. You can find free and premium videos as well as videos that are customized to tickle your fancy. As a social media platform with an ever-increasing membership base, IsMyGirls allows you to easily and quickly surf through a broad range of Content Creators and models. You can then follow and pay for your favorite performer by following a few simple steps.

Besides monthly subscriptions, IsMyGirl also allows you to make a good sum of money by selling videos. You can do so through Snapchat subscriptions, private messages, or live video broadcasts. Thirty percent of the money earned goes to IsMyGirl. However, it's a great option for specialty content sellers because the platform is thoroughly focused on providing the utmost adult entertainment.

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How does IsMyGirl work?

If we have to talk about the most attractive aspect of IsMyGirl, then it has to be its one-stop shop for premium content. As a social media platform, IsMyGirl lends significant empowerment of models, who have the ability to convert fans and site visitors into paying subscribers. This process also allows you to monetize your content and, ultimately, your brand.

IsMyGirl provides models with ten varied streams of revenue to help them maximize their earnings as quickly as possible. The revenue streams include but are not limited to monthly subscription fees, locked messages, premium videos, tipping, pay-per-minute live-streaming, and many more. It has a mobile-friendly dashboard that allows models to provide a seamless social experience to their fans.

To start using IsMyGirl, you need to first open its homepage, which is designed in quite a user-friendly fashion. The dashboard's user experience is great and is extremely simple to use. After opening its homepage, you will find that you can register on IsMyGirl either as a fan or as a model.

If you register as a fan, you will be able to search for models, filter search results, and browse a wide selection of model profiles. The number of models on the platform is plain infinite. You can simply scroll down the page or perhaps search any keyword. The criteria to filter results include newest, featured, popular, trending, name, number of video uploads, and top-selling.

Once you come across a profile, you can simply click on the display picture of the model and get to know more about their performance. The new page that opens once you click on the profile will give you details of the model. If it interests you, you can hit the “follow” button and “subscribe” to their regular content updates.

After becoming an IsMyGirl member, you will not only be able to follow your favorite cam models or browse through their content but also get access to premium videos, chat with them, request custom content, and do a lot more. You can also stream live shows by your favorite models if you pay your monthly subscription.

If you wish to check out live videos of models, you can use IsMyGirl tokens. These tokens are available for purchase in special bundles. You can get 10 tokens for US $10, 15 for $25, 50 for $50 and 110 for $100. Before deciding if this platform is the best for you, you should check out our guides on FanCentro, LoyalFans or Just For Fans.

How to create an IsMyGirl account?

As mentioned earlier, you can use IsMyGirl either as a fan or as a model. If you have come across a model or a Content Creator that interests you, then you might want to access their photos, videos, and social channels. In that case, you will have to register on the platform as a fan.

It's extremely simple and quick to become a fan on IsMyGirl. You can click on the “Fan Sign Up” button on the tab on the homepage. On doing so, you will be directed to a registration form. You can register either through your email address or through your Twitter handle.

If you choose to register through your Twitter account, then you will require the same credentials. However, you will have to provide a username and a password and verify the same if you wish to register on IsMyGirl with your email address.

Once you enter all your details and click on “Sign Up,” you will be taken directly to the IsMyGirl website. After this, you will be able to subscribe to models, read their profiles and messages, and subscribe to premium and custom videos.

It's also easy to become a model on IsMyGirl. When you become a model on the platform, you can monetize your adult content, increase your reach, expand your audience base and see monthly revenues flowing in. To become a model, simply click on the “Become a model” button on the IsMyGirl homepage. You will then be taken to a new landing page, where you can read about how the platform works. After this, you need to fill out a registration form and finish the process just the way you would when you register as a fan. However, you need to confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

Once you click on “Sign Up,” you will be asked to provide further information, such as your social media accounts and your subscription rate. You will also have to write a profile description, which will help your fans to know more about you. Do add some pictures to entice your friends. Once done, you are good to go.

How much money can I earn in IsMyGirl?

IsMyGirl is continually working towards giving models and Content Creators the right money-making opportunities by adding cutting-edge features. The social network proves to be a meaningful platform that allows fans and models to interest better and see a steady inflow of money. Fans on IsMyGirl are hungry for good content and they are willing to pay any sum as long as they get a real interaction and a deeper connection.

Compared to other adult entertainment sites, IsMyGirl has created a robust community that allows for more focused interactions between models and fans. Currently, models can make whopping sums on IsMyGirl by leveraging the following features:

  • Premium videos
  • Content feed
  • Referrals
  • Locked messages
  • Premium social
  • Custom videos (Kustom Vids)
  • One-on-one fan cam
  • Tipping
  • Livestreaming

Models on IsMyGirl get paid twice a month, ideally on the 1st and 15th of every month. The money gets credited directly to their bank accounts. The platform pays models who are spread over 50 countries in the world.

Besides direct bank deposits, models also have the option to pick up cash. However, you will have to have at least $50 in your bank account for that. You can cash out through direct deposit, electronic transfer, or check payment. The platform is working on making prepaid debit cards available in the time to come.

IsMyGirl Commission

Eighty percent of your revenue goes to your bank account and the remaining 20 percent is kept by IsMyGirl for site maintenance, staff payments, and development cost. It is hard to say how much revenue models make on the platform because it differs from model to model. There is no fixed income slab that's set for models on the platform. It's all based on popularity and performance. Boosting these two aspects is a surefire way to see a stream of revenue flowing in.

Is IsMyGirl the best alternative to OnlyFans?

So, by now, you might have a fair idea of what IsMyGirl is all about. There are a couple of aspects that set IsMyGirl apart from other adult entertainment sites. But the competition is certainly very close with OnlyFans. In fact, many consider IsMyGirl a better alternative to OnlyFans because of the plethora of money-making opportunities that the former provides.

Talking about the UI/UX of IsMyGirl, you are likely to get a more seamlessly designed dashboard compared to OnlyFans. Moreover, you get more built-in features on IsMyGirl to make money—something that differentiates it noticeably from other fan club sites. It allows you to use standard features like paywall content and pay per message, as well as enjoy live streams of your favorite models. The search function of IsMyGirl is great and proves better than OnlyFans because it promotes adult Content Creators and models.

So, it would be apt to say that IsMyGirl could be a better alternative to OnlyFans, especially when you are looking for more money-making options and quicker payout time. Give it a shot because it has truly made adult entertainment more interactive and meaningful.